300dr into a 552dr/552ps

I’m more than happy with the 300DR driving my Fact 12’s. However a few on here have commented that it lacks the grunt to get them going so this will be a very interesting demo with the 350’s when the 332 would be considered a step down from the 552DR.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on!

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So I had the 350’s with the 332 to demo, my NDX2 with a 555ps into the fact 12 signatures (brand new from PMC the week before)
Now this is just my personal preference (and my Wife who is very supportive with this Naim upgrading thing).

I left the 332 & 350’s on for several hours and they definitely were warm, for me I didn’t like the sound, they were brighter and I felt not as pleasing to listen to, whereas on my full system with the 300dr into the 552dr it was much more controlled and for me (& wife) so much more pleasing.

There were some things that make it a bit of an unfair test as all interconnections on my system are using Chord Signature XL cables, I didn’t have a power supply on the 332 which I am sure would make a difference.

So, I have decided I am keeping the 552dr. I honestly can not believe how much of a difference it makes, the sound stage, separation, and just overall control is so nice, the 12’s sound fantastic.

I am hoping to try the 350’s again sometime in the future with the legacy cable, I haven’t given up on them, I know they can sound really good.

I also want to hear the 500dr, I think with the prices as they are, and as the 500dr is a perfect match for the 552dr it’s probably the best way forward., but I am keeping an open mind on it for now.

Regarding the 300dr driving the Fact 12’s, I don’t see any issues with it, it’s a very capable amp and at the moment my setup is sounding great, positioning of the speakers does make quite a difference which is a bit tricky for me how it’s set up but when I want a serious listening session I can move them into a better position. Forgot to add, I now also have the speakers on IsoAcoustic Gaia lll.

Just gonna add I am very lucky to have some very good dealers who have allowed me to demo this stuff at home, it really is the only way to truly know if it works in your own home.


I’ve yet to hear the NC stuff but 2 months in with a 552/300, no way am I changing anything. Thing with the 552 is just the insight and involvement with the music, uncanny almost spell binding.


Problem there is you changed two things at once. I’d expect the 350’s to better drive the Fact 12’s than a 300. Personally I thought the 300 struggled with the Fact 12’s in my listening room.

I’d try them again versus a 500DR with the 552 as you suggest and see which you prefer then.

I’d expect, from my experience, both to be significantly better with Fact 12’s.

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It was not the best comparison, but I had a pair of 12’s on loan for nearly a month before getting the ones I now have. so it wasn’t completely all new, I am sure the 350’s will drive them better but to be fair the 300dr is doing a great job. I will definitely give the 350’s another go with the legacy cable, however the 500dr will probably be the way to go as I like the old classic sound, at the moment nearly new 500dr’s are available at not much more than new 350’s making them exceptional value.

I don’t think you’d regret the 500DR. It was the last upgrade I did and I took the plunge without a demo and have no regrets at all. There’s plenty more on that though in a couple of current threads.

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