300DR, Supercap, 282 Connection Problem

Feeling much like an idiot right now so I’m asking for any help i can get to tell I haven’t screwed up royally. After 6 months of my system being boxed and stored because of a move over the weekend I started unboxing and reassembling the 300,Supercap,282 when I powered up the 300 I heard a power surge in only the left speaker that sounded like a 2 bumps ? Like you would hear in 2 speakers powering down when shutting down an amplifier only this was happening in one speaker (805d3) while powering up ? So, i shut all the power on the 300 and after researching it more from the naim manual recabled everything and tried it again and the same thing happened.

So, I would like to know if anyone knows the exact configuration of connections of the 300,Supercap,282 ??? So I can know for sure if I have done something wrong.

I had this all working 6 months ago with the 300dr being new then in a difference configuration of HDX/XPS/nDAC which I have moved on to up grade to a 555. So using a Rega P10 now as the only source. Thanks

Did you check the DIN - XLR leads between SuperCap & 300 i.e left and right cables are correctly oriented? Connecting them the wrong way will give you no sound (as someone I know quite well discovered only a few days ago…)

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Thanks I will double check it again.

It’s a rite of passage with ownership of a 300 or 500 :grinning:


or 135 :slight_smile:

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Good point !

As others have suggested, check the DIN-XLR leads are correct - Red band = Right channel (CH2)

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Thanks all, I will check again when I get off tonight and get back to you.

So, I have both channels correct coming out of the 300, now going into the supercap what connections do i use ???

In the Naim manual it’s a bit confusing because there is no diagram for 300/SC/282 just 300/SC/252. If there is any one here on the Naim forum that has the same setup or have had a 300/SC/282 I would appreciate if you would send me your setup diagram in so form. Thanks.


Thank you, I’m going to reconfigure everything from scratch.

Ok, I just re addressed and connected all the cabling from the 300 up to the 282 from the manual diagrams again with one exception the red and green dins from the 300 amp to the supercap. I would like to know the order of the red and green in conjunction to output ‘number 3 and 4 ? And reconfirm this is the right connection.

I don’t need any unwanted surprises right now.

Thanks again !

Just ensure that the red band cable, as Richard says, goes to CH2 input ( green band to CH1) on the 300. Whether it goes to socket 3 or 4 on the Supercap doesn’t matter.

Thank you to all !!! Will update you tonight.

A shout out to easyback1, Richard Dane, James_n & drago for chiming in to help a fellow Naim owner in need. Reconnections were a success & we have :notes: :musical_note: music :musical_score: . Don’t know what some of us would do without the help of the Naim forum. Thanks again. :musical_score::v:t4: