32.5 323 boards vs external phono stage - recs?

I have a recapped 32.5/HC/160 system and have gotten curious about what a different phono stage would sound like/compare. Of course I can check this out, but thought I’d start by asking here…any specific recommendations for a solid step up? I’m a bit curious about the LFD LE SE.

Also, another admittedly uninformed question - would I plug the external phono stage into an aux section of the 32.5?

The internal boards in a 32.5 are extremely good,outclasses a Naim Stageline when I have compared.
I have found that a Naim Prefix is a very good upgrade

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Agree with Igel that the cards are very good.

Worth hunting down the final /5 version if you don’t have them already.

Can’t recall which input is best or if there was any difference between them.

I only compared the 323 cards to Urika and Linto but felt they were more in the same spirit of the amp - no surprise really.

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With the internal cards you’re potentially reducing the number of cable connections in your phono reproduction path, that’s probably worth a SQ lift just on its own.

I’ve been running an external phono stage for a while now, a Graham Slee Accession. It sounds easily better than either the built-in stage of my XS3, and a Stageline N I ran powered by the same XS3. I now have a NAC42.5/NAP110 to play with, including MM boards. As soon as the pair return from service I might try the comparison again though, if nothing else it would be nice to reaffirm the SQ lift the Graham Slee stage brings!