32.5 Appreciation

2021 has got off to great start for me. I have for a while been looking for a lovely original 32.5 pre amp, this amp giving me some of my fondest memories within my Naim equipment merry-go-round from many years ago. And I think it just looks so fabulous, chrome bumper, silver logo and the type of knob with the best preportion to half width box (all in my own opinion of course)
I finally got one. Great condition (slight rub on the “tape” word appart) Even the din sockets are all evenly discoloured.
My system currently uses an 82 and I have not compared it yet.
I’m expecting a slightly more vague mushy sound, so no rose tinted specs on here.
I suppose if finances ever allowed a nice 32.5 hicap 6 chrome 135 would be a beautiful thing to behold.


I’ve had one since 1992. How’s the switch gear? Any rustling on the pots? Which cartridge boards? Are you going to use it with vinyl? If not, many suggest removing the boards.

That looks very nice Keltik.

Does it have NA329/729 boards fitted?

We need a picture of the insides!

The 32.5 sounds superb, all the pots and switches are silent.
I will post the internals, tottaly stock with 324s no 729s


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