332/333 Volume change with Roon

Does anyone know if the volume can be changed through Roon with 333/332 combination? The 222 functions the same as the Uniti range in this matter but the 332 has analogue volume control so I wonder if the integration with system automation is as smooth as on the 222.

Yes. Just tap the speaker item in the bottom right corner and drag the volume slider. Works just as well as using the Naim remote.

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Thanks! Does this still work when the 333 is set to fixed volume or does it require the setting variable volume?

The 333 and 332 work together wirelessly so that they work as if they were one unit. With the 333 in fixed volume mode, when I change the volume on Roon (slider or plus minus buttons) then the preamp volume changes. The volume rating (0 to 100) on Roon matches that on the preamp and appears on the 333 screen.


Great that’s what I wanted to know :grinning:

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