332 unwanted auto standby

I have my TV sound connected to my system (333/332/2x350) using Toslink optical. The 332 is set to auto standby. Everything works fine, except on two occasions the system has gone into standby mode whilst I’m watching TV. The first time was during Antiques Roadshow (and who hasn’t fallen asleep watching this) and the second time this evening whilst watching a Netflix documentary. Anyone else seen this behaviour with their 332?

I was watching tv for a couple of hours last night using optical to 333 like yourself, no problems. The 333 is set to never sleep, the 332/350s are on auto standby.

What do you have your 333 set to?

I had this behaviour when using av bypass on the 332 which was very annoying, so set it to instant on and just put it into standby manually when needed … ended up preferring this really.

Not a 332, but my 222 in 4 months ownership has gone into standby when I was playing records on one occasion, but it has never done it whilst watching films/ TV. Reason I mention it is because I’m assuming similar software is at play….

Yes I’ll wager it’s the same software across the range, did the lights and logo go out when yours went into standby?

@Mark63 Yes. complete with relay click, LP playing away to itself! I’ve set it to 1 hour now. I assume if you fiddle with the volume in that period it may prevent shut down, and I mustn’t have touched the volume for a side (probably a Yes album!) so more than the 20min period.

Cue comments it was objecting to playing the chosen music :grinning:

It’s happened to me 3 or 4 times. I always wrote it off to the eARC to Toslink converter I am using from the TV. Maybe it’s the 332.

Going into standby like that shouldn’t happen, seems like there’s some intermittent problems with the music sensing

Edit … nothing wrong with Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is strange, the problem I’ve been having with one of the 350s seemed to stop when I switched the 332 to instant on, now with the 333 set to never go into standby I’ve set it back to auto standby and still not had the problem. My issue is different though, one amp cutting out with logo and lights still on.

Yes, I think there have been a few glitches, music sensing is one. I’ve had a streamed radio station or UpNp album suddenly stop and the screen show a Bluetooth connection to a device and Bluetooth wasn’t enabled, I had turned off all unwanted inputs! My 350s thankfully seem fine and are working as advertised with the 2 optical cables out of 222 to the 350s. It is very slick waking the system from the app and having music within a few seconds😀

I remember having that kind of trigger years ago on my Mark Levinson no. 38S preamp and no. 332 power amp. It used a simple mono mini jack. That was some great equipment!

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