333 above or under 332?

Should a 333 be placed above or under a 332 in a rack for best SQ?

I cannot comment on the NC units, but for ‘OC’ the perceived wisdom seems to be Preamp at the top.

I ignore this… and have my CDX2 above my 82… :thinking:

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Given they both have large power supplies it probably doesn’t matter as much as it used to?

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333 on top for me but that is for convenience rather than any SQ consideration. As Sinewave points out, they both have large transformers. I have mine driven by NPX300s so the internal transformers are not an issue.

I did not experiment with placement but then I draw the line at common sense and life is too short to keep swapping and waiting a week or so between swaps.

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333 above 332 here too … just easier to see the screen, but now I don’t use that so … :man_shrugging:

I have 333 above 332. FWIW this is the stacking order shown in the user guides.