333 System Automation

Coming from a nd5xs2, we had a working and volume safe solution in the household, setting the volume control on variable.

I use Roon, my wife Spotify connect. The preamp volume was set to a safe maximum, I listen to Roon at 100% volume slider. If I want more volume, I walk to the preamp or find the physical remote. If my wife accidentally exceeds her preferred volume with Spotify Connect (too easily done), no big issues.

Now the 333 comes in (332 and 350), so I jumped in and set the system automation. Unfortunately, I disconnected that when I realized I could not find a way to maximize the volume. For me, that would be no issue, but my wife using Spotify Connect at all the 350 watts would be window shattering.

I would really like the Automation, but configured like this, without a specific streamer source maximizing setting, I can’t use it.

@GeoffC may help.
You must be glad, you made a big jump in your audio system level !
Congrats :+1:


Thank you very much, it’s actually still on demo at home. But my dealer keeps putting stuff here to demo that tend to never leave. Hard to ignore the sharp prices he’s suggesting.

As for sound: the nd5xs2 is very good, the 333 is not miles better. Just better, more towards analog probably. I had my phono in for repairs a couple of weeks and disliked what I was left with, as I mostly listen to records. This triggered my memory to the ndx(1), a warmer, rounder presentation, so I thought let’s try the 333. A keeper probably, but I will let it run for a couple of days.

Anyway, that system automation could be improved I guess.

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I don’t use a streamer, and only have my CDX2.2 as a source so volume is straightforward for me.

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Ah, i think i have already called you wrongly for the same subject. Sorry, my memory….i need to eat some fish more.
I see @Daan-1975 has the 333/332. Maybe he knows.

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Maybe I can help. If you go to settings in the naim app you can select the option input set-up. There you can select the input of the 332 where the 333 is connected to and change the volume settings.


Thanks Daan. I am looking, but at a loss somewhat.

My 333 is din connected to 332 input 8, but the app goes to 6, or am I in the wrong setting?

Sorry my app is in Dutch, but I think you can make up from the screenshots below what you should select. Select “Ingang instellen” - input set-up.

Then you should see all the inputs of the 332:

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If I go into System Automation - wireless, I see 6 inputs and have no idea which to select. The first is checked and it seems to be working. The input settings show trim values, but that does not seem to be what I am looking for. A manual would be great, but I can’t find one concerning this topic.

Either way, what would you say your configuration would solve for me?

My issue being that I would like to maximize Spotify Connect volume, not Roon or server volume (I can do that within Roon config itself).

Right now, I changed it back to cancel the automation and set volume on variable. The physical volume dial is the max.

:thinking:it is strange that not all the pre-amp inputs are shown in the overview, 7 and 8 are missibg
I have connected my 333 via XLR to the 332 ans my Solstice (renamed “Platenspeler” in my Naim app) via DIN to the pre-amp 8 input and all inputs are visible in the app. Maybe you can try to connect the streamer to one of the other DIN inputs?

I managed to unravel some of this black box without a relevant manual at hand. The “Preamp Inputs” are numbered as followed:

@Daan-1975 Daan, does the max volume work for you? I can set it low, but still slide the volume to 100%

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For me the volume control works, I cannot exceed the max set volume.
I stream Tidal (via the Naim app) and listen to the vinyl via the phono input (DIN). My AV receiver is connected to the AV input, so I can bypass the volume control of rhe 332.

@ChrisSU , you have the 333/332 now. I am surprised that such an active helper on our forum didn’t manifested himself :grinning:

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Strange. I have the same setup of inputs then, although my 333 is connected through din. I will contact the dealer.

Hi, been a bit busy recently and away from home a lot. Can’t say I’ve had any problems with system automation though, seems to be working fine.
Input selection setup is confusing though, I can see it being another of those issues which will cause posts by baffled users for years to come.


Two issues I have with it, the rest works fine:

1 - In my case, max volume does not seem to work properly. I will let my dealer investigate.

2 - Auto standby is a nice touch, but doesn’t work if you are using other inputs. Watching a movie (av bypass), the streamers thinks it’s time to go to standby. Fine of course…. but System Automation triggers the preamp and power amps to go on standby as well…design flaw I guess. The only solution is not to use auto standby if you are using System Automation

Ok…It isn’t leaving, just now decided it will stay.

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Enjoy lucky guy :+1:
Have you your P8 back ?
How does it compare ?

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Thank you, I feel very lucky indeed!

The P8 is back (the phono was humming), but a comparison is a bit apples and oranges. However, I have been listening to digital only these past few days and I haven’t missed my records as much as I did when I was only dependent on the nd5xs2.

Soundwise, I also recently upgraded to the 332 and 350s, so a lot of the enhanced grip is caused by that perhaps.

What I think betters the nd5xs2 is a lot. 333 reminds me of the ndx (1), a more “analog” presentation, but not as warm or fat as the ndx1. My best try in wording it, is that if I take my best sounding vinyl album (like Headhunters 45rpm), it sounds as good, soundstage, room for all instruments, sonics, but slightly less thick perhaps. Does that make sense?

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My best sounding vinyl is also Headhunters , Herbie Hancock, Analogue Productions.
Shame that they don’t produce a lot of jazz rock audiophile lps.

Yes, what you say makes sense.

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