4.7 update, worth it to do for nds, ndx?

do I have to have version 4.6 to install 4.7? Can I upload an amendment from version 4.4?

I would just go straight to 4.7. With one unexpected exception, it has not previously been necessary to be on the latest version before doing the update.
You can always go back to 4.6 later if you want to.

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I’ve updated to 4.7.0 on my Uniti2 and UC2. It didn’t fix the Tidal drop outs and it bricked my UC2, so I’d hold off if I was you.

what means « bricked » my uc2?

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so you have to go again to the before update ?

What’s a UC2 ? … UQ2 ??

The release notes for 4.7 specifically say that they fixed the problem with skipping 4.4 which lost Tidal etc, so it’s now fine to go directly to 4.7 from earlier firmware states.

Yes, sorry, UnitiCute2. It’s now operating, but the Tidal drop out continues unabated.

OK, but my point was UnitiQute is U"Q"
Happy to hear that the brick has been removed

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Hey guys, i feel that not a lot have done the 4.7 update. Or not a lot members are speaking of it. The 4.6 update was much more expressive. Anybody new having done the update ?

I have decided to wait until the weekend to tackle this.I was hoping a few people would report on their success or failure doing the update…on the NDS.I am like you FR,I do not use Tidal,or MP3,so I wonder if I should even bother.The thing is,whenever you have any kind of issue with your streamer,the first thing people ask is if you are on the latest firmware,so I feel like should do it.

yes, let see and wait to know if we should or not do this update. I agree with you.

You guys are unbelievable, more posts on excuses why not to upgrade than ther are to get it done.
What’s to loose, apart from a few minutes of your time, if you don’t like it for whatever reason, then go back to what you had before. Then at least you will have something to post about.


Updated Wednesday afternoon, all fine and no issues.

My NDS update went smoothly… but can’t discern any change in my use of iRadio or NAS.


I miss my NDS. I just loved the ritual of performing these archaic and somewhat sensitive updates on a Saturday morning. Thank god I still have a UQ2 to enjoy it. :sunglasses:

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Just updated to 4.7 on NAC N272 from 4.6. All went smoothly but cannot hear any difference at all with sound quality. Just the same good quality.

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N272 upgraded here, all went smoothly, and The World Service can now be heard without the gurgling mud sounds! Thanks naim.

Updated ND5-XS to 4.7 without any hitch. No discernible difference. Just keeping up to date.