4 box arrangement

I currently have 2 boxes; a ND5XS2 and a XS3 (and of course, NAC A5s :slightly_smiling_face:). If ever, I see myself having a maximum of 4 boxes → the streamer, the Nait, a power supply, and a Stageline. Given this, what is the proper Naim way to arrange a 4-layer rack from top to bottom. No need to worry about the turntable. That’s on a wall mount rack.

All the boxes, apart from the Stageline, have mains transformers in them so stacking arrangements aren’t too rigid here. Stack them on separate shelves and arrange them to make cable dressing easy for yourself. The Stageline should be kept away from the transformers so locate that on a different shelf and to the left.
As your TT is on a wall shelf, the arm cable length will dictate which shelf the Stageline sits on in the rack so I’d probably go (from the top) Stageline, XS3, ND5XS2, Power supply.

Instead of a power supply, why not use the cash for that to trade up to a SN3? A bare SN3 will most likely top a XS3 + power supply

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Is the Stageline for MC cartridge support? I am asking cos I use an XS3 and Stageline N, and I’m still flipping between the on and offboard stages to work out which I prefer, and wondered if others had the same dilemma!

For the record, I run two racks, TT, CD5, Stageline N on the left, top to bottom. Right rack has TT psu and XS3, top to bottom. Mostly to avoid a 5 shelf stack than any separation of transformers. Right rack has space for a psu if I ever decide to buy one, left rack has space for streamer.

Thanks for all the replies.

Regarding the power supply, I’m only open to this as I might be able to get a cheap slightly used pre owned one. Buying brand new is out of the question.

As to the Stageline, if ever I get one, it will be for my MC cartridge. I’m still looking for an MM cart which I actually like. If this proves successful, I’ll just use the built-in MM phonostage of the XS3. It’s been decades since I’ve using MC carts, but I’m sure at this day and age, there are good MM carts just waiting for me to find.

Basically, I’m really happy with my 2 box system along with the NAC A5 (to my surprise, the A5s were really a revelation). Only if I get a cheap power supply, and I don’t find a good MM cart, then I will have a maximum of 4 boxes.

I’m also thinking of splitting the 4-box arrangement into two 2-layer set ups. Similar to a typical “brains and brawn” arrangement. Although I know my system isn’t like that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The reason for this is that a 4-layer arrangement would already hit the wall mount rack of my turntable. This can be alleviated by moving the entire 4-layer rack from under the turntable rack to either the left or the right. But new problems would arise… 1) the rack will be too close to the speakers, 2) the rack will be too far, and my 5 meter runs of NAC A5s won’t reach the speakers.

Oh boy, you just gotta love these first world problems. :joy:

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