4 Din to RCA Scheme

Hello folks.

I am new to the forum and need help.

I have a pre nac72 with hicap power supply.

And I need to adapt a 4Din plug in a rca-terminated reference cable that I already have.
So i can connect to a rca power amplifier .

Can someone help me in the schematic or the meaning of 4Din outputs.





Thank you for your help.

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Yes- use socket 1,2 or 3 (4 goes to preamp). 3 is preferable as it’s closest to socket 4.

Connect Ch1 to RCA left centre pin
Connect Ch2 to RCA right centre pin
-ve is signal ground so connects to the outers of both RCA plugs
nc means no connection

Thank you very much James.
best regards.

No worries - if you need a custom cable making up then i’d recommend Flashback cables. Dave will sort you out to your exact requirements.

PS - Welcome to the forum

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Tanks again.

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