4 Pin din to L/R XLR is this possible

I was hoping to find out whether there is a cable which I can attach to the 4 pin pre out on Uniti 2 and take a stereo signal to L/R XLR cables so that I could try the Uniti into my new balanced active loudspeakers, probably isn’t compatible but I’m sure someone will know on here?. Fingers crossed

Chord Cable could probably make up the cable, but I have non idea if it will work. They may know, of course.

If anyone has a diagram that I can forward to a friend to wire such a cable, unless there is one i can purchase that would work well. I have some Belden 1800F cable and neutrik Male plugs available.

Will either of these items do this

Chord Company shawline 4 pin din to 2 XLR ( naim )


1m OFC 4 pin DIN to 2 x XLR’ LEFT/RIGHT channels cable for Naim

On the auction site

I would guess that these are for connecting a pre/psu to a Naim amp such as a NAP300 or NAP500, so the XLR ends will be handed and single ended, so unsuitable for your balanced active speakers.

What you want is not really an off the peg cable. You’ll need it to be made for you. As it’s a single ended output going to balanced inputs it will need to be pseudo balanced. Some members here use classic Naim pre-amps into active ATCs and these need the same type of cable. So if your own dealer can’t make one for you then perhaps try an ATC dealer.

My dealer made one up for my Nova to nap 300 dr

I went the less popular route of getting a 4-pin din to 2 phono lead made, going into unbalanced to balanced transformers, giving me true balanced connection via 5m xlr-xlr cables. (Olive Supercap to ATC SCM40A).

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I have my Naim gear connected to active speakers successfully using Design-a-Cable - just Google ‘4 pin din to xlr’. Much cheaper than Chord and they accept returns within 30 days if it doesn’t work.

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