“4 Pin DIN to Mono or Stereo XLR”

From the SL IC range there’s the above option.

Retailer has offered it as an option between 250DR - HCDR but I’m confused as according to the manual the 250 has a 3 pin DIN.

Also don’t get the significance of “Mono or Stereo”

Thanks for any insight

250 has a 3 pin XLR - you need a stereo DIN to XLR for the 250DR. Single cable.

mono versions are for 300DR where two cables are required from PSU to amps.


The NAP250 uses a 3 pin Cannon XLR input socket. This is single ended and fully wired for stereo.

This might help from the FAQ:


Thanks, all clear now what’s what.

Having abandoned the idea of mixing cable brands Chord etc. due to the unknowns will be doing SL IC between DAC - 282 but for the 250DR to HCDR as above anyone have a view on SQ uplift, VFM ?

We added the SL DIN-XLR between 272 and 250DR. Instant uplift in clarity and detail. We bought the SL lightly used at a big discount so was very worthwhile.

In our system the interconnect made a large and noticeable difference. The SL speaker cables (about 30% more cost) only tweaked the sound (in a good way) slightly in comparison.

Of course cabling is the sum of the parts, so the combo of both SL interconnect and speaker cables, whilst not cheap, is sublime.

We will be retaining SL DIN-XLR interconnect between SCDR and 250DR over next few weeks, and intend to source a used SL DIN-DIN for nDAC->252, so we do believe these cables are worthwhile.


With SL it seems all or nothing is the approach to take, already have the speaker cable so together with the two IC upgrades the sum of the parts …

For me that was not the case. I liked what SL speaker cables did, and when a good deal came along I bought some. Later I tried the interconnects and they did virtually nothing for me so I stuck with the standard Naim cables.

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Also well worth trying the Witch Hat Morgana interconnect.
(Stereo 4pin DIN to XLR version; if you tell them what you want to connect they know what’s the right cable.)

Psychology also comes into this, if you think you’ve a high performance car you’re more likely to use high performance fuels and lubricants much as with Super Lumina if you think your components are good enough it almost “deserves” SL

Probably some truth in that! Lot of “what if” thinking too, driven by favourable forum reports :smile:

We started with a SuperUniti, then moved to separates 272/250DR then added PSU. Long term aim then became transport/DAC/252 (now achieved - pending final box delivery!) so we upgraded power/IC/speaker cables to maximise performance of the boxes we had at the time. Sourcing mint used SL at sensible prices can be a waiting game.

We’re three powerlines and a SL Din-Din short of final upgraded set now, so the search for quality used items resumes…bit more tinkering around the edges before we swap XPS for 555 as funds allow.

Super Lumina was designed for use with Statement amps, so I’m not sure what Naim’s view would be on their use in systems much lower down the pecking order. Having said that, I surprised myself a few years ago when I bought a 5m pair of SL speaker cables. My dealer had an extremely good deal on them, so I decided to go for it after a demo, knowing that I could almost certainly sell them and make a profit if I changed my mind.
Just to put this into perspective, at full price the cables would have cost only slightly less than the combined price of the amp and speaker they connected. Even with a very healthy discount that looks pretty crazy, but several amp and speaker upgrades later I still have them.

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The publicity says SL can be used with 500 Series and Classic Series below that, hardly surprising it can “technically” be used but the value proposition is another story lower down, like my level but it will be one hell of an inheritance for the kids !

I recently discovered that mono Naim din to xlrs are colour coded red (right) and green (left). Mine are both white (stereo) for my 135s. Seem to work fine.

Yes, you can use the white banded stereos on NAP135s - just be sure to get the sockets correct.

Thanks Richard, gives me a headache every time having to mentally flip the connection guide to match the boxes in the rack :upside_down_face:

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