4-pin din to RCA for SN3 to non naim power-amp

I would like to connect a non naim power-amp to my SN3. I do have a Hi-Cap DR.

Now i know that i have to use socket 3 (4 pin din) on the Hi-Cap DR, to use for a power-amp.

What cable can i use for this? Normally i look at flashbacksales, but the man dies sadly :frowning:

Will there be another brand for this cable?

It’s for 4 pin DIN to stereo RCA

Thank you.

You can use the L and R subwoofer out, so bog standard 2 rca to 2 rca, and don’t connect speakers to the sn.

From the manual:
The RCA phono sub out sockets provide a stereo output intended for connection to an active subwoofer. The output signal is a duplicate of the preamplifier output. No low-pass filtering is applied.

It must be the best signal. That should be coming out of the Hi-cap DR. So that’s why i need it to for socket 3.

The other way i do know.

Ahh or is it possible with the best sound quality out of the sub-outputs?

As i understand it: the hi-cap DR upgrade signal is in the SN3 and will come out the sub output. Then i don’t have to get the signal out of the Hi-Cap DR?

“The output signal is a duplicate of the preamplifier output.” Thats with the upgrade power of the Hi-Cap DR, isn’t it?

Its the same wherever you take the signal, just from different points in the circuit. The subwoofer sockets will be the same as socket 3 on the hicap.

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Thanks, it works.

The official line is that you should take the signal from the PSU…

There are those who disagee with this design, although discussing their approach will likely breach forum rules.

But if you’re using a completely separate power amp that’s not even made by naim, I’m not sure those reasons apply.

Is there a simple answer for me?

Is it possible to connect a 4 pin DIN on socket 3 of the Hi-Cap DR and connect this to a non-naim amp with RCA?

Yes, this should fine.

Yes it can be done and that’s what I’m doing at the moment.
DIN to RCA converter into socket 3 of the HC. Then RCAs to my power amp.
Strange combination?
I had my power amp, a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 300 power amp rebuilt. New uprated transformers , recapped, “missing” power output transistors fitted, rewired, new sockets…etc.
Its a grunty pair of lumps ( combined weight now over 55kg). All driven by a 72/hc/ndx2/xpsdr as well as a TT.
I’m waiting for an empty house on Saturday to crank it up!

OK thx.

What brand of cable do you use? Where to buy?

Ebay. £25.
Dont think there is a naim equivalent.
Works well. Give it a go.

Find it, and order it. Thx. 2meter

I think it will suitable for 282 by non naim amp

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