4G Broadband for Rural Areas

This evenings Speed Test run in the Cabin over the new Mesh network I installed yesterday.



Amazing how avatar visuals help us identify individual posters, your new one is throwing me as is the new one for @Ian2001 !

What is it by the way, someone holding sticks dressed as a bunny?

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This photo (or similar) was the basis for my previous avatar

This is the basis of my new avatar, as you can see both bee related

best wishes




It’s old now but I really need to get out with the Canon 5D II a bit more assuming it still works.

Just annoyed I had a bunch of nice lenses stolen along with the EOS 10D years ago. Really miss the 70-200 F2.8 L IS and 100mm EF macro lens.

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He’s a Charlie Bear soft toy called Quick Sticks.
My wife bought him for me and he used to sit on my drum stool behind the kit (whenever I was sitting in it).
He now sits atop my RH speaker, with his Promark Shira Kashi Oak drum sticks. These are the same sticks Neil Peart used and I used his signature ones too😊
As he was the namesake of my Avatar @Gazza suggested I make him the picture as well.


There’s some cracking Neal Peart stuff on YouTube! Watched some with a pal who’s currently back from Taiwan a few months ago.

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I have loads of NP stuff on DVD😊
He was my HERO!


I wish I’d been more interested in percussion when I was younger. Never got to the level I wanted to with keyboards and was useless on guitar. I think I’d have loved a drum kit. Never too late I guess, I’ll join in with next door’s piano.

I think I have a fairly keen sense of rhythm/timing though am useless in practice with musical theory :wink:

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I have sold my drums now.
Just have my sticks🫤


Try Wex , second hand . They really vet the gear they sell.

Best wishes


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Are they good for selling equipment as well?

I have some equipment which wasn’t cheap but probably isn’t used enough to justify keeping.

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This is the Canon gear I sent to them earlier this year, all was fairly simple , except for one lens where there was a small defect, but it meant that repairs meant disassembling the lens

Once they had it a few days , I got the quote and it paid for the bulk of my new Fuji.

I always use it to offset new gear

Sorry for straying off thread

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No worries…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Vodafone, and have a very poor signal indoors. Somewhat better if I go upstairs and lean out of one of the windows.
Having read some of the posts here, I thought that I would talk to Vodafone to see what they offer. After many attempts at getting through their “on no account, talk to the customer” system I managed to talk to someone who really didn’t seem to understand the problem, but eventually advised that Vodafone had nothing to offer for this.
So I started looking at signal boosters and aerials. Very confusing. Not sure what to try. Then there is the choice of omnidirectional or directional antenna (we are surrounded by cell masts, but none are line of site or anything like). So I have no idea where to go from here…

Well the first thing to do would be to try SIM’s from all the major providers as well as Vodaphone. You might be pleasantly surprised ! Borrow phones as required for this task, and try all upstairs windows.

Wifi calling should be an option, but would require you to get a recent phone if your’s older. Otherwise just enabling in settings.

Oh, and WiFi, but assume you have that.

Mobile signal indoors has always been an issue here. For 10 years boostbox worked well, but with advent of wifi calling and demise of 3g, support has been dropped by mobile providers. While @n-lot suggestion for wifi calling meets calls issue, for some networks, texts are very unreliable via wifi - particularly O2; not all texts come via iMessage.
@Beachcomber you could take a look at the website ‘myamplifiers’, which details some of the booster options. My mobile usage is fairly minimal, otherwise might have installed one here.

Just one other consideration, you want to ideally check whether your mobile provider supports ipv6. The latter can give better performance on CDNs ( as used by companies offering streaming services from the cloud).
EE and I understand Voda do, but O2 doesn’t currently for example. I have recently moved from O2 to EE and streaming performance improved notably, and I want expecting it.

Yes, I have WiFi calling, but only 1.5 Mb internet (on a landline), so not very reliable - and texts are not reliable either.