5 Pin DIN Female Socket to 2 x RCA Phono adapter

Hello, does someone know if such an audiophile adapter exists ? I do not know if it is a good idea, but i would like to keep my existing 5 pin din cable to connect my non Naim phono preamp to my SN2. Note that i would have bought a Nain Stageline if there was one with an input load of 100 ohms but this is another story that has been previously discussed here on the forum.

Rather than add a couple of extra connections, extra cabling etc…, why not just either ask your dealer to re-terminate your existing DIN interconnect or else see if they can fit a DIN output socket to the phono pre-amp.

Thank you Richard for your quick response i appreciate ! Will see with my dealer

They do exist. I have one.

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Can you post a picture here … with source where from you by it and what is producer …

Most important are you satisfied how it sounds …

I don’t use it. It was something I had for a previous setup and is buried away in a bag somewhere. It may have come from RS or similar.

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Thank you.

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