5 PIN to 2 RCA leads

Hi to all, Can anyone recommend a quality audio lead,not wishing to break the bank but nevertheless a good cable.The previous interconnects are now too small so I need two of the 2 RCA to 5 Pin Din at 1.5mts minimum.The existing ones I have are no longer produced but they were certainly good quality,the markings at the RCA end were LTE innovations.Could be LFE.Both leads are required to connect a rega phono stage and a rega CD player to my NAC 252.Any help appreciated.

Chord Company cables have a very good reputation.

(Was the company formed by Paul Stephenson’s wife?)

Look for the Naim lavender/grey RCA-DIN or else the Chord Chrysalis. The Naimcan still be bought now, while the Chrysalis is usually available secondhand in the usual places for reasonable money. Both work brilliantly with Naim, as you might expect.

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THe Naim RCA-DIN is a fantastic cable as you say but, at 1.25m, too short for the OP’s requirement

You’ve asked this before! The answer is yes.

Chrysalis can be found in longer lengths if you’re patient.

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