500 Installed! Superline question

I have been waiting a long time for this moment and am so excited to have a new (demo) 500 DR in the system! Completes the 500 series with the NBL’s and now really getting used to it. I’m in a bit undecided on what to do with my phono stage now.

Due to the increase in size of the 500, i’m a bit out of shelf space and probably have to move on from the supercap powering the superline unless I try to stack the superline on the supercap. I can hook up the superline directly to the 552 which I have done and it sounds pretty good. I can move on to a hicap dr and place that next to the superline on a shelf, or look to move on from the superline and use a urika.
Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!

Stacking the Superline on top of the Supercap would be the worst place for it. As a temporary measure you could put it on the 552, but it really needs its own shelf and to be away from the power supplies.

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Bear in mind that the Superline performs well clear of anything like a power supply - that’s why it was designed the way it was. It also performs best on a dedicated shelf such as the Fraim - that’s due to the mass-loaded suspended chassis and metal feet. The worst place to put it would be on top of the Supercap - and not just because the metal feet will damage the Supercap casework…


In addition to the very sound advice to not stack the Superline atop of the Supercap, I would strongly suggest you do not power it with the 552, or even a Hicap. You have a 500 system! Your Superline deserves your Supercap. The performance level is a significant improvement over a Hicap and a huge improvement over just powering it by your 552. Additionally, if your Supercap is not DR’d, doing so will put a smile on your face (so will recapping, if needed).


How would one DR a Supercap nowadays?

Thank you everyone, about what I suspected on stacking the superline. I may have to go towards a Urika, i just don’t think i can find the space for the supercarp (which is a dr version) and the superline. It’s unfortunate but also am not listening to as much vinyl these days with a 5 year old and 7 year old. Pretty much all streaming on the ND555. How would a Urika stack up to a superline fed by a 552?

You should DR your Supercap ASAP. The DR upgrade is ending very soon. Don’t give up on your Superline if you have a 500 system. Add the Fraim shelves as needed. I just did my full Supercap Recap at AV Options in the US.

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Thanks everyone. The supercap I have is a DR version. I don’t have a fraim as it exposes the componets to the young ones so currently use a Salamander Designs with dedicated shelves inside. Doors close so less of a distraction for the kids. I will try and rearrange the shelves to fit the supercap and superline. The superline i can get in but just not sure about the space for the supercap.

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