500 Series Finish Vs Classic on 555PS


I have a classic series system and am considering adding a 555 PS to my NDX2. Does anyone have any pictures that demonstrate the differences between classic and 500 series finish? I will be looking on the used market and want a wider search field. I.e does it look terrible if you have a 500 series finish next to a classic series system in a rack?

I believe the 555 PS is available in either 500 series finish, or the cheaper Classic finish which will match other Classic boxes.

The 500 series finish on the 555PS looks absolutely fine next to classic finishes on other boxes.

My dealer told me that they had discontinued the 555ps in the classic crackle finish; now only available in the 500 series anodised finish.

I guess it depends if you have or aspire to get 500 series or Classic boxes. If you have the opposite I think it will certainly stand out depending on the position in the rack.

Have to agree…considering the delay on 555 ps and ND555 , still surprised Naim have dropped the powder spray classic option…from where I sit, its all black.

Do you have any pictures?

I dont aspire to upgrade to the 500 series. I just want a 555 PS! Do you have any pictures?

555 anodised finish on the left, Classic finish on the right. 555 finish is a brushed finish with a sheen so can appear lighter than the matt black finish of the classic. The colour difference doesn’t bother me

The finish seems to have varied over the years, my early 500 isn’t as black as my 552DR. The face plate on my supercapDR matches the 552 faceplate but the sleve is classic finish, the superline’s is greyer than the 500. I don’t really notice the sleve finish by the time it’s all in a Fraim and even less so with a bit of dust on it, if I look for it the faceplate variation is what I notice, and the dust.

As @RichardDane has pointed out a failed finish for a 500 product, gets powder coated and recycled. NAP 500 power section, the big bit…excluded?

555 in 500 series finish on top. Classic finish on the SCDR below

252 and ND555 personally I much prefer the 252 finish but when you listen to the ND555 all is forgiven !!!

Totally agree…but Naim say the 500 finish sounds better…well that’s a bit far fetched for me. I am sure they can justify, but my ears are long past that.

I can barely tell the difference. A non issue for me. I have to run my fingers over the finish to tell the difference.

Once in rhe rack the top of my 272 doesn’t look that different from my 555dr finish, only up close and at the correct angle you can see a difference.

Anyway press play, relax, beer in hand I ain’t bothered :slight_smile:

I have a 555PS in the 500 finish. Once its in the Fraim alongside my 272/300 you can’t really tell.
I wouldn’t (and don’t) worry about it.

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