500 series owners, what would you do

It’s just a teaser – nothing to see really

From Naim’s youtube channel

A good new year!

I honestly try hard to imagine how this video could in any way be connected to a launch of an Überintegrated. Maybe it will come in form of a tuning fork :joy:

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If I had to change - I would definately have a listen to Dan D’ Agistino’s ‘‘little’’ Progression amp…with the internal DAC etc…




That is really cool looking. Maybe someday Naim will pay attention and do the 600 super integrated.


Nice looking however I had a big boy Momentum S250 mXv amplifier in for home demo and found my 500 to beat it (imho for my personal taste).

Agreed - if Naim had come out with a super integrated I might have remained with the brand instead of moving on from my 15 year 552/500 to a different marque


So what did the Dartzeel (even the 8550) do, what the Momentum didn’t? Could you describe briefly?

Well I will give you my final answer, I just ordered the Aavik I-880 and the matching SD-880. Just wanted less boxes, cables, frame, etc…


Wow! Never heard of these but did a quick search on line. They look incredible and what a neat 2 box solution. I wonder how they compare to the Naim statement even though the Aavik adds streaming capability for less than the price of the statement amplifier only.

Looking forward to hearing about their performance once you have them.

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I occasionally toy with the idea of moving to a smaller system. As I move towards my mid-50’s the twelve boxes that make us my system seem like overkill, perhaps a bit juvenile. Don’t get me wrong, my system sounds better than anything else I’ve heard to date. And that’s the problem, most of what I hear out there is terrible. I find many of the uber-chic hifi systems check every “audiophile” box but they have no soul or emotion. Boring sound has become “trendy” in high-end audio.

My listening has matured as I get older, my office system which is a NDX/SN2/HiCap and a cheap (but surprisingly good) pair of Warfdale Linton’s provide much of what I want in a hifi system: Involving sound that keeps my attention and immerses me in the performance. One of these days I need to bring those electronics home and try them with my K6 Signatures. I’m afraid I might like it.

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I own a CD555 and dual CDP555DR’s, really hoping I would not need to replace for some time as keen to get some play out of this considering it was serviced late last year. If I replaced, I would be sticking with CD playback so one company of interest who also believe in the value of separate power supplies would be Audio Note UK. Much like Naim, certainly not what you would call easily affordable but I understand their after care is very similar, unlike Naim, they have not gone down the streaming route and very much stayed with vinyl and cd playback.


“Audio Note after care similar to Naim’s” :see_no_evil: Sadly not by a country mile IME. Just a helpful warning friend.

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Wow, i knew Aavik was not cheap, but those two components must be something special for that price. Are you sticking with the Proac speakers, or something from Borrenson?
Congratulations !

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For the immediate future I’m sticking with the K10 ProAc. But you never know.


Good plan, have you heard the combo in person?
If you did, what speakers were in use?

I hate to admit it but I have never heard it before. Buying blind. Being in a fly over state I would have to travel to hear it, and then it wouldn’t be in “my room”. I mean, how bad could it be? If I don’t like it, I’ll take the loss and move on.


I did the same thing with my Lumin P1, no regrets here.

Don’t forget the $50,000 power cable Aavik sells. I hear it’s a little better than the $25,000 power cable.


I think I’ll pass.

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So your original question was actually seeking suggestions for you to consider to physically downsize your system.