500 series owners, what would you do

For all you 500 series owners what would you do if tomorrow you woke up and your entire system was gone. The insurance company writes you a check for the entire amount. What’s your move?

A Nait 50 :grin:


2nd hand statement pre and another nap 500.


I’d grudgingly look at 332/300ps/350s
Would buy again nd555 + 2 555dr ps-
Never heard new 300 series so just guessing
But I’ve learned source first for me
So it’s nd555 unless Naim come out with new and better streamer


I aspire to own the 500 series someday. I sure hope your question is hypothetical and nothing has happened to your system.


Nothing has happened to my system thank goodness. I went through the upgrade path that many of us took: 250/272 to 252/300/NDS to current 500/552/555. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely look at one of the integrated amp and steamer with fewer boxes. Maybe by the time I have to make this choice (which may never occur) I will be able to buy that type of system from Naim.


I don’t have a 500 series system either, but if I did and it was suddenly all gone and I had an insurance cheque to work with, I may look at and listen to an MSB set up. Supposed to be quite special.
Although, I really like the Naim sound at this point.

I’d thank my lucky stars and get straight back on the blower to my amazing dealer and order another 552 / 500. It’s sensational; drives the YG Acoustics Ascent speakers to spectacular effect that was lacking just a few weeks ago when I was still using a NAP300 DR. It snapped into place with the latest 500DR and I’d have no hesitation replacing the whole 500 series amplification. For me, the 350’s didn’t have the slam and vivacity of the 500….

Thank you insurance, thank you Naim!!


Take some HIFI time off and think about life and next move.


Buy a Nova, keep the money and be ready if a New 500 Series come up someday.


What’s that please David?

Edit … never mind… MSB Technology :slightly_smiling_face:

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Replacing the 500 series is a no brainer but did the bad guys take the speakers too ?


If I had a 500 system, then the question as posed, it would depend on how that system had come about and what I thought of said system.

If it had come about as a result of auditioning directly against a range of alternatives, anx I loved it, I’d simply want to replace if, though if my auditioning was prior to latest releases I might take the opportunity for some comparative auditions. I would of course buy secondhand or ex-dem and put the spare money towards something else, hifi or other.

On the other hand if I had ended up with the system through long term upgrading with each step effectively committed by the rest of the system, with no real opportunity to consider some components in different directions, I’d likely take the opportunity to audition more widely, checking out other brands within the available budget.

If speakers had also gone I’d audition ATC 100 and/or 150 active, and PMC MB2 active

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Well I’m only 50% 500 but I’d pretty much want to replace. Would be content with pristine 2nd hand. But by then of course there will be the CD555/2 so that will put a slightly different complexion!

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I’d buy it again. Statement is a step too far for me. And I don’t think I will ever get bored of this sound


Interesting thought. I am very happy with the sound and do not consider to change anything at the moment but if I would have to start from scratch and with this amount of money to “play with”, I would try a few other systems/combinations. I must say if the dCS Vivaldi APEX had the option of a streaming board like the Rossini does, I’d be very interested in trying it with just a 500DR or even 350 monos (active? :wink: ) and also different power amps. That could reduce box count but hopefully preserve some of the naim sound with interesting streaming/dac technology - design wise it would also fit. The only thing that always annoyed me with the 500 series is the volume control and hiss caused by the 552 and the nd555 home display showing spotify and not being able to change it.

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I would basically do what i have done


I must say if the dCS Vivaldi APEX had the option of a streaming board like the Rossini does, I’d be very interested in trying it with just a 500DR or even 350 monos (active? :wink: )

Well they already do and have done for years, it also have a very nice cd player transport in it.
It’s called the vivaldi one.

I would quite happily buy a current 500 system ex demo or second hand. Not sure i am going to like the next generation 500 series change in sound signature.


true, I am aware of the vivaldi one but its too expensive even with the fictional funds and no need for a cd player/don’t like the looks of it (tray + too bold)