500 series owners, what would you do

How are you getting on with the Aavik gear?

Tyler and Josh are coming down the first week of March for the install. I’m being patient best I can. I will post my review after a couple weeks of running in. I’m still the proud owner of a Nait 50 so I have not deserted the brand completely.


Cool! I would not be patient either.

It’s done. The 500 is gone. I loved my 500, but…. This is pretty special. I still have my Nait 50 and the nd5 xs2


A little thread drift but how do you like the K1’s?

Congrats! One of them costs as much as 552DR and 500Dr together :wink:

Heard one at a fair. Very special story about Fleming, who was pushed out of Gryphon and invited by Michael Børresen.

They are very nice and fit the purpose I use them. They are in my bedroom and are played every night at bedtime . I require a rich bass at lower volume with they provide. Highs and mids are spot on. My wife loves the look with the matching stands made by ProAc. They had to match the furniture of course.

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In the US at full retail the two pieces are about the same price as the 552/550/555 with 2 power supplies when you add all the cabling required for the 7 boxes. The cost difference was not that bad. The sound to my ears is improved but the real advantage is the simplicity. I was so sick and tired of all the cable dressing, boxes, etc… I loved the sound of the 500, it’s great. But the 880 makes my life easier and sounds amazing. For those tired of all the boxes and aggravation you might want to consider giving Tyler a call. If those of you are ever in mid America I’ll be happy to let you have a listen.


Awesome! Good to know especially about rich bass at lower volumes.

Now that I have had time to spend several hours listening to my new Aavik system, while I absolutely loved my 500 system I have never heard music sound so good out of my K10s - cannot wait as things continue to break in. All this performance in just 2 Aavik boxes. No worrying about cable dressing. The rich bass at lower volume. It’s everything I’ve been trying to achieve in my audio quest for the last 8 years. I’m finally content.