500 series replacement imminent?

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Then all eager buyers in the US have to hurry before they run out and also save a penny :+1:

:grinning: make me laugh, Nigel!

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Contrary to some people’s opinion I think the 500 series is an amazing bit of kit and I’ve heard my share of remarkable high end gear. Eventually when it will be replaced I’m confident the new model will improve on things. However, I have absolutely no desire to change. I think I’m set for life.


Does the “white light” 500 series sound better?

@HungryHalibut lol not enough space for the 2 big knots :rofl:

@Paul_C I think it’s only cosmetic changes — white light

Are you sure?
Think I will wait for the reviews.

Ya … let’s wait for the reviews

Unless the shade of the light impacts the sound the change is merely cosmetic.

Naim said in its press release that it is only a cosmetic change so…

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@Paul_C leader has actually posted here . He mentioned the white light changes … maybe u scroll up and read his post

At the Naim demonstration I attended at Bristol show last week Mark Raggett described the NSS333 as the replacement for the NDX2, he didn’t give a timeline for the NDX2’s removal from sale. As this was during his demo of the 300 series there was no reason for him to mention the ND5XS2’s future.

We can just check naim’s website for any informations we need regarding any models , be it discontinued or cosmetic changes . I went in and saw the new classic and some discontinued models , so I am informed

If I saw this thread on another forum with some of the posts about the sound quality of the lights, I would presume it was parody – hopefully it is.



I’m usually inclined to defend Naim but this I’m struggling with. Green LEDs are hardly specialised or expensive components. This seems to mandate white and deprive potential buyers of green if they would otherwise prefer green. Smacks of a lack of care for customers preference whilst not obviously being a necessary development.


Strange - my first thought was the opposite to the first posts.
As others already mentioned.
This might indicate that the 500 will stay some time - now white light is matching with the rest. This might be some years …
A green light 500dr for 50% … this will be my winner… wishful think…

I guess this is reflected by narrower price gap between the full blown NC300 series (streamer, pre, amp & PS) to the full 500 series, compared to the price gap from 500 to the Statement set.

That means it take almost as much cost as the 500s series for the new 300s to perform better than its older version of 300s (NDX2+252+300DR+PSs), and I suspect, for Naim to produce the new 500s that will perform better than the existing one, would force them to price it closer to the current price of Statement set which would exclude many of existing 500 users from being the potential customers.

It’ll be interesting to see how any 500 series replacement pans out. We’re already seeing statements along the lines of the 552 and 500 are difficult to improve on so, to do this Naim are going to have to invest significant amounts in R&D cost. This may possibly result in a 500 series that may only be slightly better or just different to what is already on sale.

This may suit people who want to upgrade their NC 300 systems but, realistically, I’m not sure how many current 500 series owners will upgrade to something that maybe a sideways step, especially given the reduced trade in/second hand price achievable for their current system is likely much reduced. It’ll be interesting to see if the economics are favourable for Naim to even consider forging ahead with this. What I don’t see is many current 500 series owners trading in full systems for brand new 500 components.

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I did ask the question at the Bristol Show rather tongue in cheek whether Naim will be offering a white light “upgrade” to existing units if owners wanted to mix and match with new classic… Guess what the answer was?

I’ll get my coat.