500 series replacement imminent?

I was under the impression that the 500 series had a few more years. I noticed the following copy today on the focalnaimamerica official page. This is news to me. Is a replacement imminent?


-10%* OFF

Please note that you can now benefit from a 10% OFF on the remaining green light stocks, as they will no longer be produced.


  • 555 PS DR
  • NAC 552 / NAC 552 PS DR
  • NAP 500 DR / NAPS 500 DR
  • ND 555

White light sounds better than green light.

Just wanted to get that out of the way. :rofl:


Imminent and inevitable. Looks like it’s happening earlier than expected.

Or maybe it’s purely that green LED units are discontinued in favour of white LED’s.


I assume Naim is just moving old green LED stock. However, it might be a sign that all of the other classic products are going to be discontinued and replaced sooner than the 500 series. Why make this white LED change on just the 500 series and leave the integrated amplifiers and lower level streamers green? They are probably next to go.

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So, the new 500 is on the horizon ? I want Statement performance but not Statement price with many XLR inputs & 2 XLR outputs. Not too much to ask for right ? I can wait for a whole year until end of this year


Gosh, some of you chaps must have remarkable crystal balls (!) to be able to predict a new version of the 500 Series from a change of green LED to white LED on the components!


I’ve just bought a second 500DR with green light at a discount. Same performance at a discounted price. No brainer.


Indeed the end of the green lights. The new classic 552 is not “ a round the corner” when I spoke to Naim.

A causal conversation indicated that it’s quite hard to improve on the 552. We all knew the white lights were coming and we may even get a 552 with a headphone amp built in but patience is required for a new classic incarnation of the 552 I suspect.


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It’s long been my understanding that the 500 series was built to order, so it seems odd that there are stocks. Anyway, surely everyone buying 500 series stuff gets at least 10% off already.


I will patiently wait for the New 500 series :laughing:

Is it really hard to improve on the 552 though? They did it with Statement a decade ago and most say it’s a huge improvement.

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I think the 500 series is here to stay for a while longer, just the look has changed slightly with the white LEDs in place of the green. Naim said they would offer the green illumination alongside the white for as long as stocks of the green illumination parts remained. I guess that a line has been drawn for production now to preserve some spares for service.


HH, I think the “stock” being referred to here is that of the green illumination parts - buttons etc…

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I’ve heard several times now from reliable sources that a replacement 500 series is some way off because simply it’s extremely difficult to improve upon.


And then if they do improve on the 500……the Statement amps will look vulnerable and extremely expensive.


What the 552 needs is a new style volume control. It could be the 552 BK (big knob) edition.


i may be a bit behind the curve here, but does this mean that we’re forever done with green? as in the next gen SN/XS replacements will all have white badges and white illuminated buttons?

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Only naim has the answers to your questions , but I have seen white logo 500 on website @Maury_Finkle

I mean on the internet