500 Series vs. Statement?

Hello. This is my first post on the Naim Forum. I currently have a complete 500 DR Series rig, including the NAC500 amp, the NAD552 pre, the CD555 w/ 2 555PS. TT is Kuzma Stabi XL w/ 14" 4 point tonearm and Rosewood Platinum Signature cartridge by Koetzu. The SuperLine phono stage w/ a Supercap DR power supply, a Revox PR99 R2R and Grandinote Mach 36 speakers round out the system.

I am considering upgrading the 500’s to the Statement. I’m hoping that someone here has experience with both the 500’s and the Statement so that I can get some advice as to whether the Statement makes for a significant enough improvement to justify the upgrade.
Thanks, in advance,


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Hi Mitch, have your 500 components been DR- upgraded and what’s your speakers please? ATB Peter

Yes. All components are DR’d.

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I am intrigued by your Grandinote Mach 36 speakers. They work well with Naim ?

Grandinote 36 (90.000 €) speakers with S.R.T. (Semi Resonant Tube) design, 36 woofers and 25 tweeters, no filtering and no equalisation. Sensitivity - 105 dB@1W/1m at 8 Ohm.

Mitch, unfortunately I can’t help with your questions, @PeterR is your man and I know what his answer will be.
However your system must sound and look incredible, any chance of a photo of your setup?



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Sorry Mitch, just glanced at your entry post too quick with diner on the table :yum:.
I am and I have to say completely unfamiliar with your speakers, but with a 105 DB sensitivity it would seem a tad overkill to go full Statement, as I am sure your 500DR both grip and create an ample SPL for you.
I recently acquired the mighty S1 Statement Pre and combined it with an otherwise similar system to yours. If you scroll down the thread list, you will find the ‘S1 shining bright’- thread, which I started and where other Forum members came out and chipped in with similar experiences.
It might be helpful to you to read that first and have a ponder :thinking:.
As with others here the S1 works extremely well with 500DR passive or multiple 500s active enhancing the great musicality, which made us all choose the brand in the first place. You could even be saving a lot of money going peace meal S1 only like several of us did. :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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Some good advice already, a dealer selling Naim Statement should really be falling over themselves to help you. Not sure if you are in the U.K or somewhere else, you have no profile?
If you are doubting your dealer at this price point…you have the wrong dealer.

Holy craperoo…lot of speakers there my son!!!


You are probably like me just run out of-fingers to count on… :wink:


If you go on YouTube…there are some Grandenote demo’s on there…speakers actually sound quite impressive…putting aside preconceived notions…

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Speakers of the devil . They must impress a lot in a living room.

These are not speakers in fact, but something to store the bottles of wine :joy:



That pic, with the red speakers, is actually my house. It was taken the day Massimiliano Magri, the owner and chief engineer of Grandinote, came to my place on Long Island, from Italy, to install them. They are the only pair in the world.

To address some of the earlier comments…
I do not believe any local dealer (NY/LI area) has a Statement and 500 Series set up in their showroom. So I don’t think it is possible to get a proper demo.

The Statement system I’m considering is used and would be shipped from the UK at a very significant discount. It would first go to the Naim factory to be converted to 110v and get a complete going over.
Someone made mention of the number of speakers in each box. There are 36 drivers and 25 tweeters. They do sound incredible and work exceptionally well with the Naim gear.

Thanks for all the feedback.


BTW…if you’re in the NYC/LI area and want to come over for a listen and a fine single malt, I’d be more than happy.


Do you want that I delete the picture ? Sorry, but I find these speakers really impressive and not common in their design, so wanted to share.
But now I can understand if you want me to delete the pic.

No reason to delete the pic.


I would post a pic of the entire rig, but I don’t know how! LOL

There are two or three people on here who own the full Statement system but they don’t post much. Two regular posters have bought the S1 preamp and been absolutely delighted with it and the improvement it brings over the 552. One, Peter, who posted above, uses it with a single 500 and the other uses it with three active 500s.

My only slight concern is how the massively powerful amps may match your very efficient speakers. Probably the sensible thing to do is to speak to the speakers’ designer and see if he thinks they are a good match. If he does, then why not go for it? The Statement is a very special amplifier.

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Mitch do you not get unwanted rattles with the bottles all stored right next to the speakers and drivers?

On Mono and Stereo, i see the complete system. The impressive CEC TL0, if I am right ? What is the dac? The picture is a bit dark, but I see Grandinote monos on the floor… so the speakers are powered both by Nap 500dr and Grandinote ?

For your question, the only member I know who run full Statements is @joeling. With big Focal speakers.
@Darkebear have the S1 and 3X 500 dr , in full active to Ovator S800.
@PeterR has the S1 and 500dr.
But probably there are others. They will receive a notification as I wrote @Avatar.

If your picture is on your phone or iPad, you click on the mini logo , the 7 from the left , on the top of the reply page as pictured here.