500 with N-sub


I’ve read you’re not meant to use an N-sub with a 500 NAP. I’m assuming that this is for taking a feed off the speaker cables.

Does anyone know if it’s ok to connect via a din socket out from the 552 that is linked to the 500? Or is this a really bad idea?



You’d use a Din cable from the 552PS, not the 552 itself. It would need to be suitably slugged with a 100R resistor.

I can’t se why you can’t connect to the back of the speakers just because it’s a 500, and have not heard of this potential issue before. If you’d prefer this connection, I’d get in touch with Naim to set your mind at rest.

Ross (part owner of Acoustica) was using twin subs with his 500 (now replaced with 3x250nc and then statement power amps) so it is possible

The NAP500 is a bridged amp - so its different to all other NAP’s, AFAIK… :thinking:

(I don’t know if Statements are also bridged.)

You should be fine with a low level connection from the pre as long as you use a slugged cable (or a very short one) connected to the spare DIN output on the 552PS.

For a high level connection, which may well sound better, I believe Naim used to supply a special cable as the bridged design of the 500 cannot have a grounded sub connected to its ungrounded output. I’m not 100% sure how this cable is configured, Naim dealers should be able to provide one that is suitable.

Thanks guys,

I’ll probably play it safe and connect via the 552PS. Don’t suppose anyone knows whether the resistor should be at the preamp connection, or the n-sub connection, or no matter.



The preamp end is one din plug, whereas the nSub is two RCAs, so it would make sense to slug the preamp end.