552 as Update over 52 with nap 135

Here we go again.

Today I bought a powerigel 6 with powerline cable and came in contact with a very nice dealer.
He also offers a 552 dr from 2013.
price is good.
Why 552 pre - with 500 nap I would not have hesitated a minute…

What to do…?

  • love the 52 (fresh serviced) and 135 (serviced in 2019)
  • but with kudos 606 I opened the door to the change in generations (olive to classic). 606 should nicely match the 500 series
  • 552 is 11 years old… service is needed but not easy to manage these days in Germany
  • 52 vs 552 … will it get soo much better.
  • 552 does not come so often at such price…
  • my 52 and me are so much together (loose screws inside and repair :rofl:)
  • 552 and 135… ?

Damn … love and hate this offerings.

Will stay focused with this discussion - promise.

@khan84 my mentor :rofl: - you had 552 with 135 in your system upgraded from 52…
A slightly „brighter“ sound with more silky voices would be cool


but why?

I think 15 years is the mark - and this is soon

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I can’t speak for a 52 but I thought the 252 excellent. But circumstances unforeseen led to me getting a 552 far sooner than I expected, so much more insight into the music, almost hypnotic. Paired with a 300 is just excellent I’m sure it would be equally superb with the 135s.

Good luck.


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Circumstances unforeseen… that’s a good description… here as well :rofl:


Yours paired with a 300 non dr?
Into titan 505? Good - similar!

Would it be better with a 500, yes but I’m seriously in no hurry.

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No 300DR.

Ok - would liked a 500dr first (for similar price range) more… but there is no way to influence opportunities

I personally would not buy the 552 without trying it for yourself and listening to it for a week or so. The 52 is magical esp with pots8. The 552 is also crazy good in certain respects.

I run what to many may look on paper rather wonky and unbalanced. 52 - dr supercap. dr snaxo242 and 2 dr 250 into sl2.

my encounters with the 552 have not be universally positive, admittedly a none dr version borrowed twice from Cymbiosis. Hard to put in words just did not connect with the music as well and felt the 52 was closer to my experiences of live music.

Of course this is all a moving target,my lp12 now stacked out and different stands and mains supply it may all be different now. But the advice is the same don’t risk it without a listen.




It’s from a dealer - think I can agree a return window…


I went from a 52 with non dr 300 to a 552. Had the dem 552 at home for a week or two and refused to let the dealer take it back. This was a good few years ago but the 552 was sooooo much better I didn’t want to go back


Did you remember how it was better. Nice situation for me - bass being no problem any more with 606 :rofl:

If I’d changed it yesterday I wouldn’t be much help as I am terrible at describing specifics - but the 552 is a superb bit of kit and well ahead of the 52. Just more enjoyable, more musical, brought much more from the source

I do have an S1 now but if I had not been able to get that I would hardly be shortchanged with the 552 - I am not one of those people who thinks the 552 is a weak link or inadequate in any way


@drago can you borrow the 552 from your dealer for a week or two?

Over the past few years I’ve used a 552DR with a 300, 500 and now a 250DR, excellent with all the NAPs listed the 552 should sound superb with your 135s.

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Go for the 552 when you have the chance.A massive upgrade over Nac 52,so much better timing, speed and musicality and control.
I would not service it ,at least 4 more years …

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No - maybe I can buy with 14 days return window

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This coming from you who went back from 52 to 82?
Is this why you don’t like the 52 or is the 552 really so much better?

You preferred prefix over superline like me… good indicator

I have never really liked the laidback sound of the Nac 52,I loved the Nac 552 when I had one,can´t afford it right now, but will buy one again when I have the money.
Yes Prefix is a fantastic groovy phono stage :+1:


I’ve done the same and agree entirely. The 552 is just stunning, a big step up from a 252 (which is really nice anyway). It will see you out in your hi-fi journey. If the price is right and affordable….