552 handset no prog button

Hi, the 552 handset that I have (the heavy one not plastic) doesn’t have a prog button. I want to reset to automatic input is there another button on this remote that enables me to do this?

Thanks for your help

You’ll need the plastic one for programming.

Hi Rackkit,

I just want to reset the 552 which comes with the big remote, so there must be a way of resetting with that remote?

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Not as far as I know. Have you lost the plastic one?

It’s not my 552 I’m trying to help a friend - he’s just bought it and it came with just the one remote

Ah, I see. It should be supplied with both but maybe the previous keeper (if bought used) forgot to supply it or kept it which would be odd.

Ok he’s found the other remote. I told him to press pre on that handset and hold down prog. The mono button came on and the volume button flashes - do you do anything after this stage?

Definitely go to the manual now. You can download it. I’ll try and find it.

Try this: NAIM NAC 552 REFERENCE MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Wow, a prog button would be great! Does it have heavy rock, classical, and opera buttons? :joy:


Thanks RackKit did everything it suggests still no sound

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Input 1 isn’t mapped under Factory Settings, if that’s what you are trying?

Hi HL,

He plugged everything in and put his CD player into the CD port. He then put batteries into the R-Com and the sound stopped, so I assume he pressed a button on that remote and has done something. We have tried a reset by using the Narcom 4 (select pre hold down prog - volume light flashes, mono comes on briefly then CD light stays on so the prog button pressed again and held so the flashing stops - select CD but no sound - completely bemused

You are looking at the lights on the rear of the unit to see these align with the CD input (#2)?

I find these lights almost impossible to see over a rack of Fraim!

No from the front - do you cycle through buttons while in prog mode and will those back lights cycle using mono or mute buttons? His CD player is on input 1 (CD)



I think you do this:

1- in pre-mode, hold down Prog key on handset (if you can?) - volume control should flash and record select sources lights go out
2- select source button and look at rear lights to see what’s flashing (i.e. above which DIN input). IIRC, DIN2 = CD (DIN1 being unmapped on factory settings).
3- If not mapped OK, then hit source and use the record mute and mono buttons to scroll the lit inputs on the rear panel.

The book says that the rear input will flash repeatedly if the source is already mapped to that DIN/input.

I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s Prog key to exit and store.

It’s very fiddly IME.

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That’s done it HL!! Previous owner had it mapped to tape.

Thanks all for your input cheers Pete


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