552 indicator light can come out?

Not sure if I am bad luck or what haha… After my new 555 screen blooming issue, I just view the back of my 552 (1 month old) indicator light and shock to see it stick out and I can push in LOL.

TBH I did not check so thoroughly as that is the last thing I think can come out :crazy_face:

Sorry to see you have another issue with equipment which should and usually is top notch in terms of quality. I think you are just unlucky to have two issues but I feel your pain! If it is just a push fit you may well have sorted it but worth having it checked.

No offence intended, but I won’t be asking you for tonight’s lottery numbers.

Hope you get it resolved quickly so you can relax and enjoy!

I’m sure @NeilS can advise here.

Poor @NeilS, he’s on callout 24/7. You’ve got to feel for the guy. He’d have an easier life as an AA patrol man, doing flat batteries and locked outs!

Seriously though, thank you Neil for everything you do here.



Mmm… that looks like whoever assembled the PCB failed to ensure that particular LED was seated correctly against the board.
Well that’s embarrassing! :hot_face: It certainly shouldn’t be like that.

I suppose there’s an outside chance that a different spec LED found its way into our stock, one with a taller body above the shoulder.
Even so, it should have been spotted.


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