555/552/500 all in

After this weekend I’m all in. 555 and 500dr are new, had the 552 for about a year. If the 555 and 500 takes as long to break in as the 552, I’m in for quite a treat. It’s sounds really good right now. I’m happy I upgraded but never try and justify the cost. Yes the 555 is better than the nds, but for those of you who demand value for your money, a used nds is a bargain. Would I do the 555 again, ABSOLUTELY!


You have a terrific system, time to sit back and enjoy

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Great set up, You can expect some ups and downs in performance as it all runs in probably over the next few weeks and possibly even months. Once it all settles down you will have a superb sounding system.

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Congratulations with your system. I still have the DR’ing of the 500 on the list, but I feel I am already in heaven with the non DR version. Just enjoy and sit back…

Looks like a lovely system Zack:sunglasses:
Tyler mentioned that he was heading your way when I was in his shop a few weeks back. Great service when you take into account the air travel required…Nice to see some good dealers doing things the right way here in the States ! Enjoy…

Zack, in my first system I wanted to get to a Nac52 active Nap250 with Sbl,s. Well I got to Nac82 active 250 Sbl,s…the work took over. New life retired, would love to get to your system, just enjoy.

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