555 PS for ND555

I was able to source an ND555 and it’s been in my system since the beginning of the year, love it! I’m currently using a non-DR 555 PS and wanted to get it serviced and upgraded prior to the ND555 arriving but couldn’t manage. It used to be powering the nDAC I had.

I can now trade the non DR 555PS plus an obvious outlay of money to get a DR version with a closer serial number 555 PS. My mind’s telling me to do it, can’t demo it to compare a difference since it is in another state. Just wanted to get thoughts from other forum members. Thank you!

Unlike the NDAC, the ND555 was developed with DR tech so I think it’s unlikely you would be disappointed, whereas some preferred the NDAC with a non-DR power supply.
If you can afford to keep the old PSU for a while I guess you could compare them and choose which one you prefer.

I remind someone telling that he couldn’t differentiate Ndx / 555 non dr vs Ndx/ Xpsdr.

I would think that was a good idea. Certainly when I compared a non DR 555ps to a full DR555ps on an NDS there was a very nice uplift in space and detail with the DR. Your idea of trading in would be something I would do and it would have the advantage of a longer warranty and you would get it on the day of purchase…

Its probably going to cost you an awful lot of money, in real world terms, to swap from one Black Box to a very similar Black Box.

Only you can decide if this outlay is ‘worth’ it, to you… :thinking:

Fairly sure I would not… The Law of Diminishing Returns applies here…

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If you can afford it, keep the old one and buy the other one. ND555 is fantastic with 2 x 555PS.

That probably isn’t helpful.


Sounds like that would be a bargain if you wanted a second PS for the ND555. But in your case, I would compare with the price of simply getting your own 555PS serviced and DRd. Once you know what the difference is, you can decide more easily whether it is worth it for the pleasure of not doing without your ND555 during the serivce period (assuming your dealer won’t lend you a PS).

Well the cost of a recap and a DR conversion must be around 2k … a trade in for a straight 555ps you should get around 2k … last year I bought a new second DR555ps for 4.7k (without superline) … so it is closer than you think… there is no way around it buying new is more expensive…its users choice…

But then you’ve got the best streamer Naim makes, and will always know that it’s not hitting its potential.

Katmaimatt; given the usual question is whether to run it with one or two power supplies, doing it with effectively three quarters of its intended power source is to short change yourself.

Yep thats right… I was faced with that and had to bite the bullet…but I am very glad I did!!!

Thanks everyone. Hard to make the decision but do feel like I’m selling the ND555 a bit short without have a DR 555PS. In an ideal world, two PS would be nice but one is really my only option right now. I like to idea of a new warranty and closer matched serial numbers as well with the ND555. Getting it serviced could be a big delay too right now which I don’t want to part without music.

I suspect you won’t be satisfied until you’ve tried your ND555 with the optimal power supply. I would go for it. Life’s too short……

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I think for most of us DR sounds better in terms of HI-FI … and for some of us non DR sounds more musical,the best way is to listen for yourself.

Try first if you can. I have a non-DR 555 with my NDS and compared at home with the DR version. For me, there were some subtle differences but it wasn’t worth the additional outlay to change, so the non-DR stayed. Each to their own!

The DR upgrade and required service costs £3,349, which will help you work out the best thing to do. I sold my 555DR last year for £4,250 and it was three or four years old, I don’t remember which. That was a non-brushed one.

When I visited Naim a few years ago, the new streamers were about to be released. We had an in depth presentation from Steve Sells, their designer, in which he explained how all the elements of the power supply work. There are DR components in both power supply and the head unit itself - the two are literally designed to work as one.

If I owned a ND555 I wouldn’t hesitate in getting the matching DR power supply. It just makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to have your wonderful streamer working as designed?


Thanks, I’m leaning hard to just making this happen. Seems like the logical move for a few different reasons. Really appreciate it!

I traded in the original non DR 555 PSU the CD555 came with for a new DR555 PSU a couple of years when there was a summer promotion on Naim kit. It worked out better value than having the old one serviced & DR’d. Having seen the current new price, I’m glad I did it when I did.

Can’t comment on the upgrade in sound because I fitted a SL IC at the same time. Can’t complain with current CD555 sound quality if that’s worth anything to you.

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Unless one has unlimited funds, sticking with the non-DR PS, and then having the funds for a NAC 552 is brilliant. That is the setup that am working towards. I have 2017 NDS and an SN2, so I’ll have to add the 552 and then the 250DR. Your system must sound wonderful.


@david1111 Hi David,

Part of my decision not to swap to a 555DR was exactly as you suggest. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the 555DR PS compared to my non-DR version, more that it wasn’t the improvement I expected and I found the differences more subtle than ground breaking. In truth, I didn’t miss the DR version when it went.

282 to 552DR, well, that’s another story, but suffice to say that I found that was a significant step up the ladder in my system. I certainly don’t have lots of money to throw at my system, so more or less all my boxes have been carefully selected, ‘pre-loved’ pieces of equipment (except for my speakers). So the money saved on DRing my 555ps went towards an older, freshly serviced and DR’d 552… and yes, thank you, it is all sounding pretty darn good now!! :+1:

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Hi. I admit to being a tad envious of your system, Jason, but I’ll get there. I won’t buy anything till after we move house in a few years. I need a 552, a 555PS, and a 250DR, at which point my youngest daughter can have the SN2.
My pieces are all pre-loved as well and I’m also patient about it and wait for the right one. I missed a couple of 552s last year, but it just isn’t good timing right now. No rush tho, we were just listening to the NDS/SN2 tonight and it sounded great. Naim really is quite amazing kit at any level.