555dr+272, scdr+252, 300

Is the 272 hopelessly out of it’s depth here or will the 555 give enough balance to make the 252/300 shine?

I think I’d only be doing that as a stepping stone to using a NDX2 or ND555.

Yep that’s the end game for sure. But would a 272 disgrace itself as an interim…

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I don’t think there would be any sense in not using it until you get the NDX2 or ND555. That’s the reality of moving up from the 272. I’m in a similar situation with my SN2, moving to the 252 - I’ll need to run the 252 through the SN2 running as a power amp until a new 250 arrives (could be many months away…).

Yep these integrated units are an easy acquisition but make upgrading something of a challenge.

I guess the logical thing is to wait and do all of the upgrades at once but some of us aren’t wired that way!

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I still have a 272 upgraded with an XPS DR in my dining rooms system which is a keeper.
I bought an NDX 2 for my main system, which I tried to rescue with an XPS but after 6 months sold it. I was completely disappointed with the NDX 2 sound.

The NDX2 was going to be my final destination. Did you prefer the 272? What amp was this with?

I really wouldn’t worry about it. As Mike so rightly says above, what choice do you have?

The NDX2/555 is a superb source and I’d have no qualms on that score. In the meantime the 272/555 will serve you well.


I didn’t compare the 272 and NDX 2 side by side, but NDX 2 didn’t tick any boxes. Wait- it has a great screen…

I used the NDX 2 with a NAC 552 and NAP 300 (both DR) in my main system.

The 272 is used with a 250 DR- great combination.

I’ve taken the plunge. The 252 is new but the SC DR is on a long lead time so the 252 is being supplied with a non-DR SC that can be traded in at purchase price for a DR when it becomes available.

Can’t wait to hear it!

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I saw a used SCDR for £2,250 recently. Even if it needs recapping it’s a bargain.

Enjoy, as a happy NDX2/555/252/SCDR/300DR owner I am sure you will! Has been putting a smile on my face every day since arrival in November.

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The deal is they find me one less than two years old and unblemished within 6 months. I then exchange the non-DR plus cash which would make it £2,700. I thought that was very fair.

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