555PS DR - s/h price?

I have an opportunity to buy a s/h 555 PS DR, only four months old. What in everyone’s opinion would be a reasonable price to pay for one? Many thanks!

The actual price will depend on where you are located in the world and whether a private sale or one offered by a dealer. However, I reckon under normal circumstances, if it’s around 10-20% less than retail then it’s probably a reasonable deal.

Less than 10% and it may be more worthwhile buying new, especially if it means getting additional warranty, although with the current global supply chain crisis, who knows? That’s why I qualified the above with “under normal circumstances”, because right now things are far from normal. It maybe that a four month old 555PS that can be bought right now is worth a premium over the retail price? A reasonable price is usually the price you and the next person are prepared to pay.


I hope my friend who has just bought
NDX2/ 555 PS 252/Supercap/ 250 Kudus S20 doesn’t read your post Richard. He just has the 555PS outstanding :woozy_face:

It seems a bit odd that someone would sell a piece of Naim kit at only four months’ old.

Is all above board?

Tricky this is. You can also get one for below ~50% of the retail price that is older, service it to become “as new” for ~600EUR (?).

It’s an expensive piece of gear and unforeseen things happens to peoples life so. Not the first or last time :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree. But I would ask nonetheless.

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And there is a difference in price between the powder coated finish and the brushed.

There’s a difference in price pre and post 6 December!

The problem for me with nearly new is both price and warranty. There are discounts to be had by shopping around for new. Warranty in the UK for second owner is usually less secure and or not extended.

Personally I wouldn’t want to be paying any of the 20% that was VAT (UK purchases). I’d rather spend the extra for a new one.

Could be someone tried a second ps on their 555 and didn’t like it. :grin:

It’s not me :blush:

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Personally, I think it has to be at least 20% off the current list price, especially if a private sale.

I was offered a brand new one from a then main dealer last year for just over £5000! If that helps.

Almost 30% off list price. Weren’t you tempted ?

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