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How about having a combined weight for the 15 that they cannot go above? Then they would have to think about smaller skillful players like we used to have.

When JPR died they showed clips of him and in one the commentator mentioned he was using all of his 14 stone. No room now for the likes of Bennett, Edwards, etc.


Were I ‘King for the day’, my changes would be:

1- reduce the subs to 4 (unless medical issues) – this should slim down players/reduce size and dictate increased aerobic capability (and not getting sub’ed after ~50 mins).
2- go back to the old off-side law, whereby the kicker has to play their team on-side.
3- change the ‘held-up’ (over goal line) law of giving the defending team a drop-out from their line. Have never understood this – would even agree with a defending 5M scrum (if not an attacking scrum) – but allowing a defending team to boot the ball 30M+, how is that fair?


Do you think the lowering of tackle height will also reduce player bulk? It might increase the emphasis on tackle skill vs sheer force?

Just a thought


I’d so ‘No’/highly unlikely, as the pro game (and laws), still drive towards a power game. Take Danty at the weekend, he’s big unit for a centre and was aiming for a ‘dominant tackle’ (in parlance nowadays). He had plenty of time to ‘go lower’, but chose not to. Rightly (IMHO), he paid the price. Perhaps the question is, if the law said he had to tackle at sternum/below, would the ref have instantly pinged him?

Edit - and let’s not overlook, the power game isn’t just about tackling, but also having bigger runners e.g. the likes of Danty, who are more challenging to stop/tackle.

And, to me, this isn’t just about tackling, but the management of contacts throughout the game e.g. the breakdown area is often a mess and big units charging in with shoulders is highly dangerous IMV, especially so when the pile falls to ground and someone is caught underneath. At least when you had old-skool rucking you either curled-up in to a ball or, better still, as Gareth Edwards said, you knew where not to go!!

An interesting point from presenter Justin Webb on the Today programme just now on R4. The guests were Jonny Wilkinson and Brian O’Driscoll ahead of today’s game at Twickenham.

Justin said ‘in some ways, he prefers watching Harlequins, or Bath or Sarries or Northampton in club games rather than watch England games. But they are the same players.’ He asked why cannot England’s players perform as they do for their clubs?

After a late night I was too sleepy to take in the responses properly but thought he made a good point.

In The Times today (Sat), within ‘The Scrum’ section, there’s a lengthy piece about how Ireland have improved and developed the skills of their players, whereas the likes of Itoje have stood still when compared to (say) 2019. The major reason is that the Irish provincial sides have very similar playing structures to the national side, whereas England play a very different game as compared to club sides. Sprinkle on top of this Farrell’s RL attacking & running experiences (aided by Mike Catt) and it’s no wonder the Ireland team is so capable.


For years now Leinster more or less is Ireland…

I suspect all Irish fans are almost celebrating already and looking for England fans to wind up (I had one 2 weeks ago for goodness sake). Apart from reserving my spot behind the sofa and finishing off the Chapel Down from last night (no point in keeping until later) and will be looking at a robust Barolo for later on.


I am visiting Cardiff next weekend and have been booked in to an Italian restaurant on the Saturday evening. Should I wear a black armband? :grinning:


Not if they are playing like today

Great response from Italy.


What a final few minutes - forza Italia!

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Well deserved.

Oh that’s going to hurt. Good on Italy, great game too.

Can we have the Italian coach for England please

The underdogs can do it. Come on England.

Not sure the next game will be anywhere like the intensity or excitement

That was great. Italy could have beaten England, then the draw with France and now this. Hope they can add a bit of belief to their talents. Bearing in mind they have not won at home for 11years they have a fantastic crowd.

Scotland are just falling short. Again.



Chapeau England


I never saw that England win coming. Hopefully they will continue to improve.
I feel Italy are now a force to be reckoned with as well. Interesting.

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