60 years of 007

A film about Bond music on Amazon Prime.
It may be popular stuff but the theme and songs are iconic.
What is your favourite Bond song?
Mine, apart from the theme, is Louis Armstrong’s we have all the time in the world.


Shirley Bassey kicking the sh!t out of Goldfinger! It was the first Bond film to register with the young Bhoyo, so the theme remains a sentimental favourite.


The Royal Philharmonic have done 25 Bond themes, it’s very good.

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Adele Skyfall, a very powerful performance and great song.


Agree about Goldfinger, I picked up a Shirley Bassey Golden Hits LP in a charity shop, Goldfinger sounds amazing, dynamics to knock your socks off.


For me, with “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds are Forever” Shirley Bassey overwhelmed (or “kicked the sh!t out of”) the songs with her vocal power. She showed a bit more restraint when she sung “Moonraker” and produced a far better vocal performance as a result.

The best vocal performance for ANY Bond song? Sorry, it’s not Shirley or Tom (and I’m afraid Adele doesn’t even enter into the equation).
It’s Matt Munro singing “From Russia with Love”. His voice and that performance just oozes class (even Sinatra claimed that MM had the best voice around).

As to the ‘best’ 007 song overall? Simples!
It’s a tie between Louis’ “All the Time in the World” and Macca’s “Live and Let Die”.


OHMSS. Iconic 60s heavy bass line and brass. Supremely confident.


I think folks have already hit the best few in my opinion. In no particular order: Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, From Russia with Love, Skyfall, Live and Let Die. I also think that You Only Live Twice (Nancy Sinatra) is worth a mention.


Don’t have a lot of good memories about my father but I can remember him taking me to see the first Bond movie. The theatres were in the bottom end of George St in Sydney those days, now it’s high rise.

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Both the movie and the song inspired our new boat’s name back then. We are with Skyfall 3 now :wink:


The Guns n’ Roses version of ‘Live And Let Die’ is easily the best Bond song that I’ve ever heard. The fact that it doesn’t appear in the film is a minor technical triviality!

If we’re insisting on a theme tune that appeared in a Bond film, then I agree with Swanny above that it has to be Louis Armstrong’s ‘All The Time In The World’, even though the film didn’t have a ‘proper’ Bond.

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Ah, but it was used in the latest Bond film, so t,he same tune has been used twice.

Hoping things are improving and that the Great Escape is progressing well


Sorry, Ian, my activities have been rather restricted recently, so I don’t actually know what the latest Bond film is, or what music may have been played.

Latest on Great Escape is that I’m expecting to be allowed out later this week, although I don’t recall being given a date. My neighbours will be able to tell, though, when I crank up the olive/black stuff! They’ve probably been missing it, poor darlings.

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I should say that I am a bit of a fan of Bond film music… :grinning:


OHMSS may not have had a great Bond, but I think it was a great film. A classic imho.


I think that Mr Lazenby should have stuck to being the big chunk of wood selling Bounty Bars, or whatever it was that he did before he took up ‘acting’.

It’s a shame that EON couldn’t just have cloned Sean Connery - easily the best, bar none. Maybe not a great actor, but certainly a great Bond!

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I always loved the honesty of Connery.
Every single part he played he played as himself😂
Just like Michael Caine😁

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If there was ever a poll for the most under-rated Bond film, I’m sure OHMSS would be near the top.

I can think of far worse Bond films


I used to be dismissive of OHMSS but it has become one of my favourites over time and in part I confess that owes a lot to Diana Rigg.

The theme tune also comes up really well on the system.

And, I like that shape of Aston Martin. I always have but in reference to the ‘too old…’ thread I could see these days it would be easier to get into and out of.

I’m not so sold on the plot line or other characters but I could see Draco being a Linn/Naim customer….