72/140 with the new rack

Hi, all
I don’t know if anyone’s interested, but I’ve posted a post about making a new audio rack by myself.
Finally, I completed the new audio rack.

I ordered cutting and boring of solid wood, then sanded and painted myself, and assembled it with the rest of the hardware.

I also sold supernait 1 to my friend, bought 72/140 and highcap, and replaced ndx with ndac.
The ndx was also great, but after purchasing the node, I din`t like using only the dac function of ndx.
It is also a well-known fact that ndac is superior to ndx’s dac performance.

It took quite a lot of time and effort to buy everything from Europe and get it delivered here to Korea, but the moment I hear this, I am so happy.

In particular, the ndac connected to bluesond node is enormous.

Fortunately, 72/140 with Hicap goes very well with my KEF & celestion.

Thanks to you all…





Nice work :+1:

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Brilliant. Well done. Looks great.

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Looks awesome! Fast work too, a couple of threads worth at least :smiley:

Do you regularly swap between the speaker pairs?

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Very nice indeed.

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thanks. !
Yes, it is. I prefer kef. My wife prefers the sound of Celestion .
butI also enjoy Celestion on occasion.

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Great looking set up and a sensible move swapping out the HDX for Node/DAC pairing. Enjoy!

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I’d probably have added another third shelf level, moving TT and preamp up, also to save your back.
Maybe lowest level to support the size of vinyl.
That would open up for less cable mess too.

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That rack can’t add another shelf. It’s all in one. And it would look less nice with components at the same level as the tv. I

The rack is beautiful. You have assembled a thoughtful system.

I love the olive range…my favorite of the Naim equipment.



Thank you for your advice.
I lowered the height of the top panel to minimize interference with the TV and from an aesthetic point of view.
I haven’t organized the cable yet, but I’m planning to.

The shelf columns are all assembled and can be adjusted or added to any height.

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It’s what I tried to say :grin:

Very nice work. I think it would sound better if you mad a smaller but exactly similar rack just for the turntable so that it is isolated from the mass of the other equipment.

Looks like you did a very nice job with your rack. Your reason for swapping speakers brought up another idea (you may or may not want to share with your wife). Instead of swapping speakers - swap wives. :expressionless:

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