82 seriously down on right channel via Auralic G1 streamer

Evening all,
Perhaps some people with more knowledge than myself can mull over this :
Just purchased s/h nac 82 to replace my 102 today, obviously excited to connect it up and have a listen.
Streaming from an Auralic G1 through to Nap 135’s. The 102 with Napsc and 1 Hi cap performing correctly.
I have a spare Hi cap so connected that up too with the 82 and seriously down on right channel, lots of head scratching to follow - is the 82 faulty?
Well, tried the 82 with 1 Hi cap - no difference, switched the phono plugs on the output of the Auralic - problem stays on same (right) channel so no difference.
After reading here about other peoples problems with imbalanced volume at low levels I lowered the output of the Auralic by -12db from the ‘normal’ setting, this may have eased the degree of imbalance slightly but still miles out.
Finally, connected the 82 up to another system using a CD5, flatcap and nap 180 and first impressions were that the problem had not necessarily gone away but was hardly noticable (bit vague there but life got in the way and I had to go out!).
Further tests will be carried out as I get the time but I thought I’d put it out there to see if this sort of problem rang any bells with the experts?
Oh, and connecting 102 back up all ok again!

What input do you have the Auralic connected to on the 82 ?

I can’t help but I run Auralic Aries and Vega in to an 82 with a hicap DR and onto a 250DR. No channel imbalance.

I’ve tried CD, Tuner and Aux inputs, all the same…unfortunately

You switched the phono outputs of the Auralic to the 82 and the same channel is down. It isn’t the Auralic. Can you try those phono leads on something else?

If its not that then try switching the ouput leads to the 35’s left to right and see if anything changes.

The 82 output seems to be at fault and you say it seems to be at low set volumes on the 82. With the Auralic volume control, turn that right down and the 82 right up. Gradually increase the Auralic volume to test that theory.

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Thanks bruss
I agree it’s not the Auralic or the phonos to din lead as there is no problem when the 102 is connected.
I understand what you mean about the output leads to the 135’s but they are correct or it would be the same with the 102.
I will try playing with the volume on the Auralic and report back tomorrow.

Have you got link plug fitted to 82?

Are all leads connected up as per manual? Should be 4 din to xlr to 135s. Try taking leads out and putting back in. Could be connection problem from 82 to hicap or hicap to 135s.

You are going to have to check everything and check again as in my experience these problems are sometimes the connections.

If this doesn’t work I suggest speak to Darran at Class A and maybe get him to service any kit that hasn’t been serviced for 10 years or more.

Personally, I would make sure it’s all serviced.

But try connections and check with manual first.

Have you tried switching the din to xlr output leads as @bruss suggests?

Just because it worked on 102 doesn’t mean it will on 82. You need to try everything to try to get it working.

I have been there and got it working through connecting and disconnecting, reversing connections until I got to the bottom of it.

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Try switching the HICAPs around. Then try switching the SNAICs around. Do you still get the same issue with the NAC82?

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Thanks to all for your input.
Tried a few of the suggestions this morning.
Switched the Hi caps around, switched the snaics around plus have a spare so switched that one in and out. Switched the 4 pin to xlr at the back of the hi cap and back again. Double checked connectiond to 135’s.
All to no avail!
I’m estimating the volume is down at least 50% on right channel, clear sound, no distortion etc.
I suppose I could swap the 135’s round?
I guess I’m wondering, if in your experience, this type of problem can manifest itself in the pre amp?
If so, obviously it will need servicing/repairing.

Do you have another line level source (such as your CD5) you can use just to test? If it’s the same then I guess you can rule out the source and cast suspicion upon the NAC82. But if all OK then it would seem to definitely rule IN the source…

Go back to last known good.

Source 1
Channel imbalance?
Yes, Iñvestigate
No, go to

Remove source 1
Connect Altair
No, go to

Remove hicap1
Connect hicap2
No, go to

Remove 102
Connect 82
No,go to

Keep hicap1, add in hicap2
No, go to


Good luck

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To continue…
connecting the CD5 alongside the Auralic and switching between the 2 the imbalance remains.
It was noticable that the line level output of the CD5 was higher therefore needed to be played at a lower volume to replicate the Auralic.
My impression was that the imbalance may have been slightly more pronounced with the CD5 but it was at most marginal.
The overall effect is that the balance control on the 82 needs to be at 3 o’clock to offer similar volume from both speakers.
Bar swapping the 135’s around I’ve switched just about everything else around mostly more than once.

Could the problem be the volume control on the 82?

I’m going to carry out another test with some other Naim equipment that I can connect the 82 on to which is separate and comprises a Flatcap2 and nap 180 and using the CD5 as source. Only the speakers will be the same. I had previously done this and was not aware of the effect as I remember but I’ve tried so many configurations now it’s getting difficult to keep track!! Must be old(er) age!

I appreciate everyones advice and will continue to report back.

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