90 day free trial with Tidal

I’ve been tempted by the 90 day free trial offered by Tidal from within the Focal Naim app.

However, when I click ‘REDEEM’ and get taken to the Tidal site I am informed that he voucher code I entered is invalid.

Has anyone else tried this and succeeded?

its no longer available as far as I can tell, I’m afraid. You can get 2 months for £2 right now I’m using it lol. Been hoping qobuz would do a holiday trial too but so far I think I’m going to have to do the normal 1 month to be able to compare.

Still advertised on Naims website, maybe contact them and ask?

If you mean this:

Then it says it’s redeemable up to the 31st December 2021

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This is what I see on the new app…….

Not very tidy web site maintenance and can be a turn off to customers.


Stating the obvious I know but the danger with all these free trials is you’re busy with other things and forget to cancel.

I took a 3 month or 90 day Tidal trial offer (not via Naim) and probably ended up paying £19.99 for well over a year to compare to Qobuz. A bit of a luxury but when Tidal started sending emails listing your most played artists (play count for top 10 from memory) I realised I was mainly using Qobuz. With a family Apple Music subscription as well Tidal got the push.

The 2 months for £2 offer mentioned by @dmu sounds good.

I think both Roon and Audirvana apps have free Tidal/Qobuz trial links from their trial software but can’t remember if they’re for a month or more.

You have to use a new email as user name for this.

I have just done a fW update on my qute. And taken advantage of the 90day trial.

It took all my details I am now streaming and my card hasn’t been charged

Fingers crossed I have the free 90day to see what this streaming is all about

My qute has been used as a player for my music stores on hdx

Merry new year all

Don’t know how. But seems to have worked for me.

The usual I will be charged after the free trial is over.

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