A couple of quickies

NDX2 settling in nicely, but there is a couple of things I haven’t been able to figure out.

Anyone know if the time can be set to 24-hour format on a NDX2?

Is the remote supposed to show the current volume? Mine just has those rather stiff direction buttons and OK illuminated.

These are really minor things so any input appreciated. Great piece of kit, finally hearing what my PMCs can do !

24hr clock, don’t think so.
And yes the illuminated bits around the up/ down arrows indicates the column.

Thanks for your reply @Thegreatroberto.
Shame about the 24-hour clock, it seems a bit of an odd omission not being an option as it is on most electronic devices.

The bits around the selection arrows to indicate the volume don’t light up on my remote. I thought this was odd as my Uniti Star white led remote had this function. Perhaps I need a call to my dealer or support to see if this is a known issue. As I say it’s not a deal breaker just a nice touch.

Talk to the dealer. The light thingy should work. I guess most leave it on 100%.
Click is annoying, maybe that’s in the next software revision!

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