A default input

Is there a way to make the optical or coaxial input to be the default one which is always active when the streamer(nd5xs2) is on?
A use case for this mostly tv, for my wife or children. I’m thinking of getting rid of the soundbar.
At the moment I have to open the Naim application, enable the tv input every time.

Doesn’t seem to be possible on the ndx2, I’d imagine it’s the same with the smaller brother.

When you say every time, does the ND5XS2 not remember the input which was selected when last used?

The NDX2 definitely does, otherwise it certainly would be a chore having to select TV input each time we sat down (TV gets far more use than music day to day).

The only time we’ve to select TV input is if we’ve powered down NDX2 when using Tidal Connect - in that case NDX2 starts up on Home Screen and you have to select an input via remote.

Correct, it does not. I have to choose the input every time.

I ditched the product as there’s no controllable default input and no remote control.
That means there’s a 3rd party dependancy and if that stops working, you have a Naim brick.
Look at what Windows 11 did to old hardware.

I think Naim have a slightly better track record in supporting historic products than Microsoft.

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They refused to service my olive Snaxo recently.
That implies 20 years of functionality for their products.

They serviced my 1984 135s last year so it’s probably more complicated than that

I was told the technology was so old, they couldn’t deal with it.
I wanted to reconfigure the Snaxo for Isobaricks.


“To change to another manufacturers speakers we need to replace the board inside of the unit which is long obsolete”

Witchhat dealt with it without a problem.

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