A few albums ripped on ns01 cannot playfrom usb flash drive

Hi,I have a few albums 6 or 8 that I have discovered. The albums plays fine from my ns01 where they were originally ripped from cd. The exact same files copied over to the usb flash drive just shows the album name but no tracks. Looking in the folders the tracks are there. Firing up the ns01 the albums plays fine. The solution has been to rerip the albums using db power amps. This works but wwith some albums I get the wrong artist since poweramp has a lot of extra meta data that the Naim software does not like. This I can of course edit out likeI used to do in the days of buying many cds, but the first problems with the albums that refuses to play from the usb disk, I have not found any good way around.

Does your NS01 have the latest firmware (I believe that is v1.7c, available only from NAIM). The USB sources do not have the same metadata handling capabilities, especially with the older server/streamers (NSxx, HDX, etc). It’s probably an issue with the metadata from those few disks.

I suspect they are WAV files. If so, converting to flac should make them work.

I can share 1.7c if you need it.

Yes since a long while back. I am not sure what you mean about usb are you saying that the new servers does not have the capabilities of an external UPNP server? The strange thing is this is maybe 10 albums setting the number high out of 1000 rips that just plays and shows the expected metadata.

No flac like the rest and again why only these albums not the rest.

I similarly have a handful of CDs that ripped just fine to WAV on my HDX. I converted them to FLAC before moving to an NDX2 and they metadata didn’t transfer correctly on these slbums. I re-ripped them using Exact Audio Copy directly to FLAC and they are fine now.

I recently moved from an NS01 to a Uniti Core. I transferred about 2,000 albums across. Of those I found about five showed the title and album art, but no track info. I re-ripped a few on the Core, but later found that the tracks were indeed present. I just needed to search for the track info using a different database (which is easy in the Core). I wonder if that’s the same issue.

My problem was worse since these albums does not even play, fortunately it is so few albums but you can get obsessed with these things if you are not carefull.

It sounds like the same behavior. However the upnp funktions in the second generation servers works entirely on it’s own. Nothing can be changed, only a rebuild of the index, but that did not seem to cure this issue.

I made the mistake of rebuilding the database on the Core. That really screwed up any edits I’d made to metadata. It took ages to rectify!

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