A few issues with Naim app

I’ve ripped all my CD collection via DBpoweramp and have saved them in a WD external hard drive which I have attached at the back of Nova.

I go to Nova main menu (both on the device and on the app) and click on USB and it opens up showing two folders. Both folders are named “Rear”. One has the music in it and the other is empty. How can I get rid of the empty folder?

Also is there a way of changing the USB folder name?

When playing music from my hard drive I can see album covers on the Nova screen. However when I go to Naim app each folder shows the standard icon and not the album cover. Is this supposed to be like this?

Enable Server mode in the settings menu, and access the same music from the Server input, and you should have a much better experience.

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Sorry for my ignorance but what does server mode do please?

It means you run a UPnP server on your NAS.
That means files are ‘served’ to your streamer as opposed to being ‘pulled’ by it.

Running a decent UPnP server allows for greater flexibilitiy like searching by: artist, genre, performer, conductor etc

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I have the Same issue with the USB on my Nova.
It always displays 2 rear ports even if nothing is connected. If something is connected, only 1 contains the attached drive. The front USB and SD slot only shows up when there is something connected to it.

But entering the USB connected drive via the server mode gives you the ability to search and make playlists and favorites.

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All the new streamers run Naim’s UPnP Server software, or at least a version of it, and you can use this to ‘serve’ music files from the USB drive to any streamer on your network, including your Nova.
If you use this method instead of just the USB input, you can browse the music more easily as you see it via metadata tags rather than in folders.

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Thank you guys. And I assume I still can leave the drive attached to the Nova?

Yes, you can leave it attached. If you leave it in server mode, it will use slightly more power and you may hear some transformer hum, when in network standby mode. This is because the server remains active so that it is also discoverable by other streamers.

Thank you Chris. Activated it and it is much better. I can see all the covers on the app. :+1:

One last question please. In the hard drive, do you guys keep the different album folders by one artist in the same master folder (with artist name on it)?

Yes, I would store albums in a folder with the artist’s name, or for classical, the composers name. Remember that server view will not show this folder structure, as you are browsing the metadata tags instead.

It doesn’t really matter, the NAS will do most of that as a default. But for tidiness (my OCD) I have cleaned the folder tree up when folder names get doubled up because of different spellings etc.
I group all albums by a single artist (album artist) in a named artist folder.
With multiple artist albums, I have the folder named by album title.
With classical albums I have folders named by the composer.
But like I said, it doesn’t really matter as the DLNA/UPnP server software gives all the “browse by” options - I use Asset

And I let the server decide when ripping.
Most of the time when metadata has been identified, it becomes: Artist> Album

The beautify of correct metadata is that it does not really matter how files are stored on a hard drive. It’s the metadata that is used for the ‘visual’ presentation in the app.

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