A funny story about my nds and a duster

Ok hear me out! As part of my weekly clean at home which includes doing all the gaps in my fraim, to make this easy i purchased one of these dusters last week…

It came with a big yellow one and a smaller blue one, i get to the the shelf where my NDS has been sat for the last 2 years at least and proceed to dust the glass where the duster stops on the left hand side, i thought it was the feet so i have a look and it seems like since i installed it over 2 years ago my NDS has had 2 transit bolts in the whole time.

What a plonker!haha onwards and upwards as they say



No worries. I had the mono button pressed on my 552 for almost a year. Huge upgrade to listen in stereo!


honestly mate, feel like a right plonker! i recon it could be the best duster upgrade i have done!haha


:scream: :wink:


mate i just knew you were going to respond with some some of epic photo of something!haha


Only in fun. :+1:t2:


really? and thats got a big green light on the front telling you aswel

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To many green lights. In need of glasses :smile:

i mean how are we actually meant to see whats what with the sea of green buttons we all love

and transit bolts!haha

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I ran my old NBL’s with bass driver transit bolts in place for about a month after moving them to a new room once …

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:laughing::laughing: I’ll never trust this place for audiophile recommendations again :laughing::laughing:

I’ve done the mono thing, must confess…but only for about an album’s worth.


at what point did you find out?lol

its madness really, i spent about a day getting my system setup right with cable dressing, two lots of Fraim etc. two years them transit bolts been in and iv been happy.

It sounds super dooper dynamic now!haha


I listen mainly to jazz and often find mono pressings to sound the best so maybe I just like mono :smile:

Nice. Free upgrade. :wink:

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To be honest, I thought they didn’t sound as good as they should or how I remembered (having been moved out during redecoration) and, after a month when I had the time and inclination, I investigated checking all six speaker leads and it was only then that I noticed the bass transit bolts still in place.
I’ll admit to user error as it was me who moved them…

maybe your ears are in mono mate so when you pressed that button the perfect storm happened!haha

same for me, i installed my nds knowing full well 4 transit bolts were in the bottom because of all the floaty stuff inside. i removed two by the looks of it at the time

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There’s nothing wrong with mono, Ringo Starr once started a campaign to ‘Bring back mono’……

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