A good listening comparison between Nait 1, XS2 and Nait 50 from Alpha Audio

Maybe it has been mentioned before, but here it is.

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Thanks for that. Very interesting. I haven’t heard any of the nc or the 50 so can’t comment, but I do have the Nait2 and the xs2. I can completely agree that the xs2 is vastly superior than the Nait2 while still retaining the musicality. I also like streaming/ digital recorded music because of its layering, detail, silence between sounds etc. I hope that Naim are listening to their comments as it would be a shame to lose the musicality in pursuit of more detail. Keep me in the audience, not sitting in the middle of the orchestra.

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I don’t even need to hear all three in comparison. Nait 1. I can’t believe that its superiority on drawing perfect bass lines, in tempo and in tune, is not immediately heard. The XS2 loses bass lines on its way…

I would like to see a SN3 included.

Please can someone post a fifty word synopsis. Thanks! :slight_smile:

They all sound different.
They like them all.

8 words. :grin:


The difference between the Nait 50 and the XS2 is greater than the difference between the Nait 1 and the XS 2.

Mine has forty.

They are all Nait, so the differences can’t be huge= 10 words
From what I read here, since some months here, the Nait 50 seems to be the best of the bunch.
But for money, a Nait 1 or 2, serviced, is the choice.