A+K Kann Alpha WiFi drops out ?hub or DAP issue

My new A+K Kann Alpha connects fine to my BT home hub wireless network and I can stream Tidal-but it drops out after one track. If I connect to my NAS on the same network it also drops out after a few minutes. It says playback has stopped and that AK Connect has ‘ended’. It reconnects immediately again each time.

Signal strength is not the issue and if I create a WiFi hotspot with my phone (connected to the same BT hub) and connect the DAP to that it plays uninterrupted.

Sounds to my pretty un-technical mind like the hub/player are not recognising ongoing activity so end the connection.

Any suggestions? For the life of me I cannot find any support email address on the AK website, which is frankly very poor.


Agree the AK website is poor, had issues with my new SR25 which I finally found out by fiddling, rather than getting help.

I Have a Alpha too and no problems whatsoever. The best is to contact German A&K department, they should respond within one or two days. info@astellkernservice.de


I have not solved it so will give it a try.

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