A mains reconfiguration

For years, I have had my main components powered through a balanced mains transformer, thinking it would improve the sound. At the beginning I thought it did make a difference, but recently I started to grow dissatisfied with a flat sounding system.

I then decided to plug directly into the wall socket, and the difference was night and day.

I would like the socket re-wired by disconnecting from the ring main and connecting via a new spur to the consumer unit (UK Electrics). Would this be expensive or difficult for a competent electrician to do?

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It shouldn’t be too difficult or too expensive unless it’s an unusual (or unusually large) building and the fuse box is far away. Probably best have a word with some sparkys and get some price indications. It’s probably worth having a dedicated CU installed with RCBs for the Hifi. If it’s a UK install, Naim usually recommend a single 30A spur of 6-10mm T&E with enough sockets for your needs at the hifi end.

This is a common request and one of the most recommended improvements for Naim gear. You’ll find lots of references to dedicated mains on this forum.

Cost depends on the length of run from mains in to your target location, and on the individual sparky. Some think it’s a mad and pointless idea, some get it. As a guide 3 or 4 years ago I was quoted about £800.

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Thankfully, we only live in a small cottage, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for that. I do wonder how they will actually do it. Do they push the new cable through the conduit in the wall?

Hi @DaveS. Likewise my electrician gave me a quizzical look when I proposed the idea but then he researched it a little and understood!

Mine would have run from the meter box on the outside wall at one end of the house into new CU just above and inside, then a run outside the house to the middle where my gear was. I didn’t go ahead, and there may be better ways of doing it.

Running power to my Hot Tub, in my Back Garden, from my existing Consumer Unit, near my Front Door, cost me ÂŁ300. This was in Armoured Cable throughout.

@IanRobertM and how does your system sound outside alongside your hot tub? :wink:

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Well, I did wonder. I feel tempted, but could do without the disruption (and mess) that such an installation would entail. I remember when I had an outside charging point for my electric car installed - they had to take the oven out to do it. I don’t want the anxiety of that experience!

Quite warm, but a bit over damped… :grinning:


It was clear to me that the balanced mains transformer was introducing too much impedance into the supply. I’m having a listening session streaming from Tidal, and am pleased with the result of my decision.

Love it!

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Lots of good discussions and specs on the link below. It took me a while to find an electrician that was recommended and available, but finally getting mine installed next Weekend. I was quoted just over ÂŁ600 and that includes running 40 meters of 10mm Steel Wired Armour (SWA) around the house. So yours should be much less

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