A Naim newbie waiting for a delivery

I’ve decided to dip my toe in the world of Naim and I’ve just bought a used Unitiqute 2 from a well know auction site. I’ve bought it for a second system as it offers all the functions I am looking for (Tidal streaming and internet radio) - the only concern I have is amplification.

Does anyone have any opinions on how well it’s likely to drive a pair of Q Acoustics 3050i floorstanders? They sound great with a Roksan Kandy amp which is rated at 150w however I understand that the Unitiqute puts out 30w. I’m trying to avoid the additional expense of getting a power amp. The Qs are very sensitive and supposedly easy to drive.

I know these things are subjective but any thoughts would be appreciated. If the consensus is that I might need another amp then I can start shopping while I wait for the streamer to be delivered!

Hi Spiderlover
Guess a lot of it will depend on room size etc, as you say it’s a second system I’m guessing a smaller room. The speaker manufacturer quotes 25-150W as guidance, best way to tell is to hook up the UnitiQute and see what you think.
I’ve had a UnitiQute in the past, great little piece of kit, I changed my speakers and felt the 30W was not enough and added a Nap 100 which are readily available and a very reasonable purchase on the second hand market. But best to wait and see.

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Q Acoustics recommend amps from 25 watts upwards. According to the specs, the speakers present a nominal 6 ohm load with a 4 ohm minimum impedence and 91dB/w sensitivity, so it should be fine partnered with the UQ2.

I currently use a UQ2 in my office with a pair of Epos ES14s and the UQ2 seems to drive them rather better than the plain specs might indicate, so I think you should be OK. Of course, there’s no substitute for actual listening so you’ll need to wait and see (and hear) for yourself. Hopefully you’ll still have your Roksan standing by just in case…


Thanks for the replies. The reading I’ve been doing suggest that it should be ok but there’s no substitute for actual experience.

Hopefully the streamer will be delivered tomorrow and I can have a proper listen.

My experience with Naim over several decades that the small boxes punch above their weight. So hope your experience will be the same and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Hmmm, I’ve found a Nap100 at a local dealer for around £550 which seems reasonable. I think I’ll grab it anyway. Given the fact residuals on Naim equipment seem really strong, even if I don’t like it, I can move it on.

I appear to be suffering from upgradeitis before I’ve even received my first piece of Naim kit. Probably because I’ve been drooling over the range since I was a kid!

Just need to prepare for the Spanish Inquisition from the better half…


I wouldn’t rush into it, I used the UnitiQute very successfully without the Nap 100, it was only when I changed my speakers I felt I needed more power. As I said before best to wait and hear if you like UnitiQute with your speakers, you may well decide an additional amp isn’t necessary.
If you look online there are quite a few Nap 100 amps for around the price your’e being quoted so it’s not as if you pass on this one there won’t be others, but it is a good price.
Good luck whichever way you go.

And why not!

I’ve taken delivery of the Unitiqute 2 now and I’ve been using it for a couple of days to drive the Q Acoustic floorstanders and I’ve decided that I do need some more power and whilst I love the unit and the way it sounds on the whole, I am missing the low down grunt that I’ve become used to.

The sound is a bit “thin” compared to the Roksan and lacking in bass. The detail and punch is great, the highs are well defined and the whole thing benefits from being pushed to higher volumes but I’m just hankering for some fuller lows. I’ve removed the bass tube bungs and also tried different speaker orientation and it’s still not there.

I missed out on the Nap 100 so it’s time to start looking around.

If you do a google search there are a few ex demo Nap100’s at Naim dealers, pretty much in the price range you were considering.

That’s a bit risky, given the situation with Tidal on older Naim streamers at the moment.

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A couple of people have mentioned issues with Tidal but I’ve been using the Unitiqute for 2 days now, pretty much for 8 hours each day and there’s not been a single drop out or any other issues.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

Well, a look across the web and the issue some are experiencing of tidal drop outs does seem to be something that is not just affecting Naim kit, so I think it’s safe to say that some other factor is at play, possibly, according to some, it may be ISP related?? Anyway, I’m told that Tidal are looking into it. In the meantime, enjoy your Unitqute.

I had the QAcoustic 2050i on my Atom unitl quite recently and they ran perfectly fine and sounded really good. I feel they have good synergy with Naim. The newer 3050i is supposed to be quite a step up from the older ones so I imagine they will be good to.

what speaker cable are you using also??
you could actually get a nap200 for not a lot more than the nap100

Well, it was too good to be true. I’ve now had a few dropouts (I assume that’s what everyone is talking about where the music simply stops and you need to re start the track?). It’s only happened a couple of times and for most of the time things run smoothly. Still annoying though and it’s happened hard-wired and on wifi.

Anyway, it can’t have put me off as I’m now awaiting delivery of a Unitilite to power my main system and will be moving the Qute over to the headphone rig.

Does this mean I’m part of the Naim family yet?

Posting here about Naim is enough! Welcome to the family!



If it’s new give it some time to run in.

The serial number suggests it’s from 2014 but it looks like it’s hardly been used (if at all). The manual an remote are still sealed in their bag with the Naim CD sampler.

Do you get dropouts with internet radio?