A new tablet Android)

My Android tablet is on it’s way out, so looking to replace it
Not wishing to go the Apple route:-
I would like a bigger screen than my current one 9"?

I only use it for the Naim app and wonder if the one below is fine !?

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 11" Tablet - 64 GB, Graphite (Android 13)
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 11" Tablet - 128 GB, Graphite (Android 13)

Only reason for asking is in case anyone has had good/bad experience with particular model(s)

It would be nice if the battery lasts an hour or two rather than the current 30mins!?

Thanks for any comments!

Samsung are great tablets but you get more for your money with other makes.
I’ve switched recently to Lenovo latops and tablets. Great value and well made.

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I’ve got an a9, it’s a superb tablet

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I have a Samsung galaxy tab A7 which is available for less than £150 and is really good.

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I bought a Lenovo tablet about a year ago and it is fantastic. For the same budget as a Samsung A9+ you could get a Lenovo Tab Plus with a 11.5" 2K display

But if it really is just for the Naim app the M10 Plus is a whole lot cheaper than the Samsung


Google are making Pixel Tablets again, not sure of the size of them but they might be worth a look.

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The google tablet has an 11" screen and starts at £399 so probably not what the OP is looking for

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I am using that exact tablet without any issues. The Naim app works just fine.

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