A year in, love The Naim sound

Well its just been over a year since I purchased my first ever Naim kit, The Unitiy Atom. It has its fair share of bugs and niggles but for me its produced the best SQ I have had for a very long time and keeps me coming back for more. Now I have upgraded my speakers and speaker cable it sounds soooo much better and I loved it before. I could not be happier it seems like it feels my music and dare I say it makes it feel all the more musical. I think I am now done with my setup, hopefully for a long time to come as I have spent way more than I ever intended to but enjoyed the journey (naim speakers plugs and app aside).

Maybe when I retire I might return to full separates, I may be able to afford Naim ones if I play my cards right and my property does not plunge into negative.


The upgrade bug will come soon…:sweat_smile:

The Atom is great isnt it. I downsized from a rackfull of seperates and dont regret it all

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