For any users of computer audio I strongly recommend you purchase this device. I try not to make such bold statements but I am shocked by the improvement this device has brought about in my system.

My chain is MacBook Pro 2013 to ABBAS DDC > SW1X DAC III Balanced.

Previously I was using the Berkeley audio Alpha USB ddc which was my reference in my streamer setup for about 6 years. This setup had seen of many streaming alternatives but the new device from ABBAS has absolutely smoked the Berkeley Alpha USB. I’ve never used such hyperbole so please don’t underestimate my impressions. This device is that good.

I suppose I should inform you of the improvements. Well everything really LOL. The sound is considerably more musical, open, soundstage depth and width, more focused, tighter, cleaner, sweeter.

I’ve had the device powered up for about 40 minutes now and I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Obviously the rest of my system including the brilliant Naim 500 series is contributing to this but if ever I needed yet another reminder of how important source is I’ve just received it.

I’ll do a comparison with my CEC TLOX and follow up with an update soon.


What is this miraculous device? I looked at their website, but it’s totally useless and just links to a spreadsheet. I imagine it’s a USB to spdif converter of some kind but beyond that I’ve no idea.

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Sorry I should have mentioned. Yes it’s a USB to spdif convertor. Mine is a BNC out to my DAC.

I agree the website could have more information. If you would like more information or price etc you will need to contact them using the online form.

How much does this thing cost? Any company that requires you to contact them for prices sounds very dubious. Who knows what the real price is?

I’ve never felt that judging anything after 40 minutes is wise, as very often better is simply different, and after a while is actually worse.

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Completely agree with making quick judgements but in a hobby where we often have to listen to things for days and weeks before we come to a conclusion I think it speaks volumes that I made a verdict on the device this quickly. If you’re not convinced I would advise you ask for a demo device but I’m certain you will be impressed.

There are many companies that now offer prices by contact. Audio note is probably the most popular one I can think of. Reason for this is the prices change over a period of time therefore it’s not the best practice to have prices listed. Although I much prefer if they were, this is the way they operate so I will accept. Obviously many people wouldn’t but strangely enough Audio Note, SW1X and now ABBAS make some of the best sounding devices I’ve ever heard so I can’t complain too much.

That indeed would be interesting to know.

lol sorry my mistake. I missed that. 620 USD.

For what it is worth, I stopped using USB audio a few years ago and use a dedicated music streamer… I use a WIIM mini pro to my Mscaler/Chord Dave

I have seen some second hand for around 750 euros. I should cost around 1, 1,5 k max. In the same range as Audiophileo.

Yeh I don’t understand that. It’s more cost effective to buy new.

If I remember correctly I tried the Audiophelio which wasn’t as good as Berkeley Alpha.

Berkeley Audio Alpha was highly regarded for many years. It’s still a brilliant device but the sound is more tangible with the ABBAS. It’s quite surprising really that a spdif device can elevate computer audio to this level. Together with my DAC I’d pit it against anything. I cannot wait to compare directly to my CEC CD transport.


What’s the like? That’s the most mullet source I’ve read recently unless you’ve encoded everything to 128kbs :upside_down_face:

I think the benefit of any such device will depend on the DAC being fed. Some years ago I had a Chord Hugo, which was very susceptible to RF noise superimposed on the digital signal (inevitable from any computer no matter how optimised), and I found the inexpensive (at that time about ÂŁ110) Gustard U12 USB-S/PDIF converter) made a huge difference - not so much desirable as a necessity if using a computer to feed that DAC. Without it the Hugo was uninspiring at best, but with it, it was rather delightful. My current DAC, Chord Dave, has been designed to minimise any RF effects, and Gustard is unnecessary. For people with a susceptible DAC it would be interesting to compare the ABBAS unit to the Gustard


it provides a bit perfect data from Tidal Connect to my DAC when connected through optical.

Can’t hear anything wrong with it, have compared to a NDX2 and a DCS network bridge also.

Not much in it. except that the WIIM has Tidal Max Hi Res capability with Tidal Connect.

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So you are saying that a 30 dollars transport sounds at the same level as a 6k one like the DCS network bridge or the one inside the Ndx2? Only the dac matters?

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Thanks for your reply, I am keen to hear one with my Mojo2.

the context is a chord Dac, which is well immune to jitter.

provide a bit perfect stream through optical, which isolates from electrical noise, and the results are pretty good. the NDX 2 and DCS sound a bit different, but there isn’t much in it.

Optical input is the one the Rob Watts advises sounds the best on his DACs and I do find this to be the case.

Ok, it’s your experience, but I can’t help thinking it’s strange. Why audio brands take time and efforts to develop the best transports possible if a cheap one as Wim Pro gives the same results ? And why most, with high end dacs, observe better sound with a better transport ?
Your Dave is the only dac immune to better quality transport ? So even an MSB select or top Emm Labs dacs can’t compete with a Chord, ten times less expensive ?

I think more that you prefer to close your ears because you are not prepared to invest in a high quality transport. Sorry.


I don’t think you’re being very fair here.

That’s really not what Analoguemusic said (quote above) and is the second post you’re jumped to extrapoloted conclusions.

He said there isn’t much on DCS network bridge and Ndx2 vs Wim Pro?
Had I misunderstood ?

I think the point is that @Analogmusic indicated the difference was minor, not that they were identical which is how your post seemed to take it.

In my experience with this hobby and certainly in this forum, one person’s “night and day”, massive difference is another person’s minor or incremental difference, in some cases no different from the normal change in our hearing from time to time.

In practice we can only be sure by trying for ourselves, and then either way our conclusion is only really meaningful to ourselves unless we take steps to validate the difference or lack of difference, including eliminating possible psychological influences - something few seem interested in doing…

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